On the island of Touga with a lot of pigs, we encounter a spectacle of breastfeeding breastfeeding by the sidewalk.

Looking back, there are pigs. When I heard the noise of stepping on leaves and falling leaves, I confirmed it with someone, it was just a pig. It is safe to be stared at the eccentric pupil who made it Kyoton. There is an island called Ewa in Tonga in the South Pacific. It is easily accessible by boat from Tongatapu Island with the capital city of Nuku'alofa.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Based around Australia, I went around the island state of the Pacific Ocean. There are islands full of pigs what a Tonga visited next to New Zealand. Pretty pigs are blending into the everyday life of the people of Tonga.

Here is the island.

◆ Entry to Tonga
Japan seems to be hot all the time, but in New Zealand where the season is reversed as it is the southern hemisphere, the hands and feet were frozen enough to catch on. Too cold, so much that the tip of the nail is discolored and it hurts. About three hours by airplane from New Zealand suffering from cold we will breathe back with Tonga that got off. I was pleased with the pleasant sunshine and there was no choice. Tonga is also in winter, so I was concerned about the strong wind, but during the day I was able to spend a single shirt.

Movement on an airline called Virgin Australia.

Blue Sky and White Cloud.

The entrance of the airport where the atmosphere of the tropics drifts.

Of course, it is a favorite car of this tripDoppelganger's Folding BicycleIt is bringing.

◆ Ship to Ewa Island
The place called the capital where all things are there and various people go and go is lacking in the charm of the country. That's why, in Tonga it's the capital cityNuku'alofaFrom Tongatapu Island, where there is,Ewa IslandI intended to head to. Tonga in advanceThe blog of the travelerRead and collect information. I am thinking about the island that pigs are full.

I also put a bicycle.

I leave the port of Nuku'alofa and proceed along the Tongatapu Island for a while, but as I leave the island the ship shakes greatly. Although it is a cabin on the second floor, a horizontal line that can be seen at regular intervals from the window. It gets disgusting. I can not become a pirate king. Small children can not go back and flow backwards from the mouth. I kept myself lying down like I did not get drunk.

A ship on the spot.

Ewa is approaching.

It is this ferry, but the answer depends on the listener, so I can not grasp the firm schedule. I heard that the ship heading for Ewa is in the afternoon, but there was a departure flight at 11 o'clock. There is no flight I heard that the ship returning to the capital Nuku'alofa is the next day. There was a flight to Nuku'alofa at 5 o'clock the next morning when I stayed 2 nights on the island, but somehow managed, but when I went down I could not get on the next flight to Fiji. I regretted that I should have made a schedule that I can afford a little more.

A boat called "Onemato" on the road.

I used a ship called "Onemato" for the journey and "Alaimoana" on the way back. The price of 23 Paanga (about 1300 yen) and 20 Paanga (about 1100 yen), both bicycles are 5 Paanga (about 300 yen). We will connect the capital Nuku'alofa and Ewa Island for 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours.

◆ Daily life with pigs
There is also the theory that pigs were contraindicated in the Islamic land which carried many barren land, since it eats without leaving the grassroots. However, here is the fertile soil of the southern country. A pig trying to eat everything in the green that is going to cover everything. Amidst the sunshine and sunshine, intense survival competition was taking place on the island of Ewa.

A village trail where calm time flows.

As if to fight against the sky blue, the flowers give vivid colors.

Pigs were walking around like this, leisurely island paths ordinarily.

Piglets crossing the road on a small stroll.

Convoy fleet system.

I arrived at the harbor and walked inside the island, and it was a pig that I encountered in less than one minute. An island that can meet "the first pig" before "the first villager". Because the village in the island is maintained in the grid, it is easier to walk. There are pigs in the village everywhere. Depending on the location, there are hot spots where many pigs are dense.

As you can see, the pigs are working very close to the private house.

There are pigs even in the fence, and there are pigs outside the fence. I am concerned about the ownership of pigs on the island of Ewa.

In Tonga's Ewa Island home also pig, outside pig - YouTube

A pig in the street corner.

The grass on the vacant lot of the village was the paradise of pigs.

I feel like pigs in the grass.

Rugged body. Looks delicious.

Mogmog with goat.

Pigs are walking even in places where the sea is visible. Even if you are looking at the lover and the ocean, you can hear the pig 's nose ... ....

A spicy pig with mottled.

Three pigs.

Large parent pig with dignity and piglets in lovely appearance.

Pigs of various sizes, large, medium and small were intertwined. Do you have any pig you like?

I am sending a lot of wild life as I get off the Kawabe.

Pigs on Ewa Island who moved mouth without rest - YouTube

If you approach carelessly, you will be surprised and run away, but as you look at it, it will come near from over there.

A killotone looking at this and a swinging pupil.

Despite staring, I will continue to eat.

A wonderful nose.

I was watching the pretty little pigeons.

There is no doubt that it will be healed, everyday of kid pork walking around on Ewa Island - YouTube

A mother pig comes out when playing for a while. Children who run down with a brave dash, "Mum, mum, mum".

The piglets do not leave perfectly with the mother pig. How does it start?

Mom's pig lying suddenly. Piglets who got caught on the uncooled boobs that became exposed. A sudden nursing show began. The lying breasts are swayed by the piglets with intense momentum. I caught that rugged nose, stuck firmly.

No way breastfeeding show.

▶ Pig's breast-feeding show suddenly opened at the roadside of Tonga's Ewa Island - YouTube

A mother who starts up pleasantly, a pig. It seems that people finished their work.

I will start eating the grass with you immediately. Piglets also begin to eat grass with you. At this time, Kid's pig attacked "more milk" and nipple, but was mercilessly shaken off by mum pig as "I'm done."

It is quick and easy to switch.

Form like an escort ship surrounding an aircraft carrier.

The little pigs were buggy enough to take them home.

In a certain private house, I found a baby pig like an angel who was born shortly.

It is as small as it seems to get on the palm of your hand. Walk around with Yachi Yoshi.

It is said that a pig baby is so cute.

◆ People living in Tonga
People surprised at Tonga's eyes, I was surprised to see the eyes of black eyes, black hair and Japanese people. However, on the face with a deep sculpture, there are also sharp double, sunburned brown skin and features unique to the south country. Because the children are playing a lot, it was a fun country just walking.

On the way to school.

This is also a student. I was wearing traditional waist.

For girls students, pigeonbuying pigtails were impressive.

Capture the face from the window of the car.

Children who were on the car also here.

Gakincho that someone did not watch and was playing alone with themselves.

I have chased a lot of pigs all over the world, but the environment in which pigs are kept so far is not so. I like eating as much as you like and sleeping, I am the only one to be missed by the greedy pigs in the essence of living? There was an irresistible island for pig lovers in Tonga.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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