I landed on the island full of penguins at the south end of Argentina and healed it

Welcome to the penguins filling the beach once you landed on the island. Walking with Yachiyo, moving a short wing, lying on the ground on a stomach, lying down, you can be healed just watching your head tilted. A short leg is caught or stuck to a body that breaks the balance of the body. Do not you think penguins are adorable creatures?

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. Many penguins inhabited Ushuaia, which was the goal of the Americas as well as Africa's Kiyomi Peak.Last Penguin TourismSo, I was completely fascinated, so I will extend my leg to the place where the penguin is also this time. King Penguin named the King, I also enjoyed penguin paradise adequately.

Isla Martillo is full of penguins is here.

◆ Penguin Tour
South of South AmericaUshuaiaI also decided to join the penguin tour as a celebration of arrival at. A wild penguin seems to live only in the southern hemisphere except for the Galapagos Islands, so also in South Africa it is nice to have a penguin at the goal point. Colonies visited before arrival were away from penguins, so in Ushuaia I looked for a tour that would be as close as possible to penguins.

Examining it on the Internet "PIRA TOUROn the tour agency tour saying that you can trek through the island where there is penguins. Based on that information, find the office near the seaside information and check the price. "I have a tour of 1030 pesos tomorrow" "I guess it was supposed that there was a cheaper tour, but I guess it is packed there. We decided to participate in a tour of 1030 pesos with the advice of the shopkeeper saying, "A bus goes by cruise ship, and a tour of two tours can be enjoyed at one time". Pay 200 pesos on the spot and pay 830 pesos on the day. It was a meeting before the tour office by 7:45 on the day.

"PIRA TOUR" office near the port.

Orange participation cards hanging from the neck are handed out to tour participants.

I took this bus and aimed at Penguin Island.

By the way, if you go to see penguins in Ushuaia
· Tours to land on the island where buses and penguins are on the way to go and return: 880 pesos
· Take the bus by bus and take a cruise ship and land on the island with penguins Tour: 1030 pesos
· Do not land on island with penguin on cruise ship for both going and returning Tour: 650 pesos
There were three options. There is an official rate and a darkness rate in present Argentina and it is difficult to convert it to Japanese yen, but at dark rate it was about 11 pesos per dollar, so the tour we participated was about 9500 yen It is a sense.

In the place I dropped in firstBeagle water supplyIn Chile on the opposite bankPuerto Williamsconfirm. Strictly speaking, the town where the southernmost people of South America live is here, but because the road is not connected, you can not go by bicycle.

Beagle is a strait about 240 km in length separating Fuego Island from Navarino Island in Chile, Oste Island, and the biographer Charles Darwin's beagle was the origin of the name. It is also the Magellan Strait separating the mainland of South America and Fuego Island, but southern South America has many islands and water supply due to erosion by glaciers.

A mussel inhabiting the waterfront.

And we stopped at a bent tree due to the strong wind which is a tourist attraction around here.

As the wind is always blowing from the west to the east, the tree grows without going against the wind, and it flows like a funny figure.

Even if there was no wind, it was a scene suitable for the end in this form.

Then, skeletal specimens of marine mammals and seabirds such as whales and dolphins collected around here are displayed "Museo AcatushunAlso visited the museum called "

Difference between fur seals and seals learned from skeletal specimens. Seals can only dolphin kicks, but fur seals can walk behind the fins.

Penguins are also decorated.

◆ To Penguin Island
After finishing the museum visit, the bus arrived at the final destination "Estancia Harberton".

Take the high speed rubber boat at the ranch and go to the island full of penguins "Isla Martillo".

I am excited to see the penguins filling the beach before landing.

The back of the beach is full of penguins. MostlyMagellan penguinTypes.

The beach of Martigo Island that overflows with penguins as much as it can laugh - YouTube

Without paying attention to the people who landed, the penguins continued their daily lives.

It seems that penguins will fall asleep with a dress like a missile.

It certainly looks warm when you see it.

Special island full of penguins to swim and walk on the beach - YouTube

You can touch penguins so close.

Penguin to raise a shout

There was a figure playing on the beach.

This lip and both feet are orange isGentoo penguinIt seems that 70 islands live on the island.

Eye whose white eyes and black eyes are clear.

Orange beak was conspicuous.

Gentoo penguins in Penguin Island - YouTube

Gentoo penguins standing on the beach.

Unlike a modest Magellan penguin, the orange color is conspicuous.

The wings of H character ......

You widen it widely.

Even at the waterfront I was stinging.

And I gave the guide "I have been doing this work for nearly 10 years but I never saw it here" was named King.King penguinis. There were only two birds, but there was also a large body around and there was a distinctive presence. Yellow in the vicinity of the beak, neck and ears is also conspicuous.

As it was said to be the king, he looked smooth even on the coat.

◆ Trekking
After observing the landing beach, we will take a walk with the penguin nest on the landguide as a guide. The trekking routes are separated by ropes so that the tour participants do not walk on their own, but the penguins made themselves even inside the rope without any doubt. I think that it will become the Magellan penguin that can be observed here.

The tour participants march in line.

Lots of penguins moving around with chocolate on land.

The penguin's nest makes the mountains uneven.

There are holes around here, so I worry a little whether the penguins will not slide their feet.

A tremendous number of holes have been dug.

The penguin's nest dug in the ground feels like this.

Greeting "Hello" to the penguin that was in the immediate side of the stairs.

A pair of penguins.

An adorable body with a lot of squatting ... ...

It will be healed by the unbelievable eyes.

Pigguy chicks with bushy hair remaining.

Is it such as before the hair growth goes out and it becomes an adult?

Two penguins.

Sleepy face.

Magellan penguin's back like a fish scales.

Best shot on this penguin tour.

Although this trekking walks without disturbing the columns, there is explanation of the guide, so chances of taking pictures are limited. After finishing trekking, we retreated to a cruise ship waiting on another beach.

There were also many penguins on the return beach.

Penguins wandering around urouro and around.

Goodbye Penguin Paradise.

I left the island with my desire to be haired.

It was nice to touch the penguins at the distance I was pursuing, but it's a shame that I can not relax at one place because it's a tour. Penguin breeding ground near Cape Town was individual and I could stay as much as I want.

◆ Cruise ship and fur seals
This is the return cruise ship, I will return with another tour guest.

The interior of a cruise ship.

People on different tours took a penguin from the top of the ship. It is a form like a cruise ship for both going and returning.

Lighthouse and seabird island.

And when we come to another rocky place ......

Tension got up again in the form of wild futs.

Fur seals trying to crawl rocks.

Fur seals that climb rocks deftly - YouTube

I will walk on the top of the rocky field.

I would like to be a good fellow of a fur september.

Everyone takes a nap time.

Perhaps this group is ... ...

It was a harem where one males monopolized many females. The middle males clearly have different physique.

It is said that the feeling of a batch of the males who lost their battle over females and were driven to the end compared to the handsome surrounded by women. It is not only human being lonely without motivation.

The cruise ship arrived at the port of Ushuaia after 15 o'clock and dissolved. The capacity of this tour was a maximum of 20 people, and it was such a participant in memory. The guide will explain Spanish and English alone, but most of them, including Brazilian Portuguese, seemed to be participants in the Spanish-speaking world, and the one who heard the talk in English was two of themselves and the Russian Only people. Although it was an expensive tour, it was content which was sufficiently satisfactory because all the highlight is kept.

◆ King Penguin Colony
In addition to Ushuaia, there is a king penguin colony on the Chile side of Fuego Island. However, since it is not like a tour, I think that you will need your own means of transportation such as bicycles, motorcycles and cars. The explanation of this place is also difficult, and the road extending east from "Porvenir" on the other side of Punta Arenas and the road extending south from the town of "Cerro Sombrero" in the northern part of Fuego Island intersect "Onaisin" The place 14.5 kilometers south of the place name called. Onousin is nothing but a place name.

This is the entrance.

An admission fee of 12,000 pesos (about 2400 yen) is necessary.

It seems there is nothing in the vicinity.

It seemed that even if the person accompanying them ended the explanation of a single person and later watched the penguins forever in free time. It seems there are two breeding grounds beyond the river and along the ocean. Because I can only watch it away from both, I also wanted a telephoto lens or binoculars.

Breeding area of ​​the river.

One group in front ... ...

One group lives in the back.

It is necessary to observe away with such feeling.

The penguins who walked out to the front group from the back group.

Four king penguins walking side by side with yachiyo - YouTube

The figure of a King penguin who raised a shout at the sky.

Another breeding ground of King penguins on the seaside.

There seems to be around 20 king penguins living.

A king penguins appearing relaxed on the beach - YouTube

It was also a famous place for charaders traveling on Fuego Island and it was also possible to have a tent stretched.

Following South Africa, it remained healed by the appearance of penguins even in South America. In South America, you can go to see the penguins on the Punta Arenas in Chile, the Valdez Peninsula in Argentina, as well as in the two articles covered in the article. I am completely captivated by the penguin, so I dream that I can go see him again somewhere. I would like to go to Antarctica once in my lifetime, so it may be time to see wild penguins next time.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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