Ethiopia's Dana Kil tour where you can taste the rasubosu stand in front of the lava crater

The silhouette which the line that the line saying "It came very often" suits well well. There was a lava lake in the crater of the volcano which climbed over 3 hours. The lake surface where the red magma which was muddy and stinks up. The reality is spreading the world.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Around October 2015, I witnessed "Beating of the living Earth" on a tour that participated when I was traveling back to Ethiopia as a backpacker.

◆ Dana Kil Tour
Alongside the Uyuni Salt Lake in South America, the topic in a recent round-the-world backpacker has become a hot topic is Ethiopia's Dana Kill Tour. The greatest attraction of this tour is the lava lake which can be seen at the top of the volcano. The town called Mekere was the base point of the tour, 500 km away from the capital Addis Ababa to the north. Many travelers have posted information on blogs, but the price of 400 US $ - 500 US $ on 3 nights 4 day tour all around the highlight. There are two famous travel companies in Mechel, but I use Ethio Travel.

Ethio Travel, when I traveled, was doing a Dana Kill Tour everyday. The tour has two great sights including Elta Alle Volcano (Lava Lake) and Darol Volcano (Bizarre Scenic Area), but we will go around with groups of different days respectively. I climbed Elta Alle Volcano (lava lake) on the 1st and 2nd, but it was with the group on the tour 3rd and 4th. Walking around the Darol volcano (Chikyu) on the third and fourth day joined the group just joining the tour. The travel company efficiently handles customers.

Movement during the tour is 4 WD.

◆ Elta · Alle Volcano
On the day of the tour, we gathered in front of a travel agency in Mekere at 8 o'clock in the morning. I went up to the volcano on the evening of this day, but it was a relaxing journey throughout the day with breaks and lunch. Throughout the tour, there is a much more gradual schedule. It is a subtle environment where there is no shower and of course the toilet is outdoor, so I wanted to make the restraint time shorter and shorter. I wanted to go home soon.

Lava stone as hand.

There was a lot of scenic landscape spreading.

Even in such places, there are people who live their lives.

The lava lake seemed to be this mountain, it was the mountain behind.

Arrived at the foot of the foot of Elta Alle Volcano around 16 o'clock.

At an altitude of 613 mElta Alle VolcanoIs a popular tourist spot in Ethiopia as it has the lowest lying on the earth on the earth and the lava lake is rare in the world in the crater. However, it is close to the border with Eritrea neighboring country, there are problems in security, personal visit is impossible. Even at the tour, she escorted with an escort with a gun. Armed groups in 2012Raid the touristsAnd the dead also comes out.

Magma Crushing Crater
After 18 o'clock, when the sunset is over, climb starts. The road in the early stage was loose and seemed to be trekking. Take out the headlight where the dark area is. Although it was a trip as little as 10 km, I felt short of sleep on the previous day, and even though there were frequent breaks it was extraordinary. The road near the crater of the last stage, the gradient becomes steep a little. At last it camps on the summit. Everyone was surprised at the crater that burns the darkness that red seen from there, "Ooooo" "Wow!"

It is about ten minutes from the camp ground of the volcanic summit to the crater. To the irritating smell coming in the wind, keep your nose and pass your eyes. And finally it arrived. Magma is moving slowly at the bottom of a large crater that opens completely. If you observe it well, magma is blowing out from the surface of the lake. The lava lake with its lively activity was emitting a blazing light, and the magma was scattered violently. In the vicinity of the crater, the heat of magma is transmitted as if it is in front of the infrared stove. People participating in the tour together were watching the lava lava in a blurred fashion while burning their faces.

A lava lake where only climbs to the Ela · alle volcano can be seen.

Magma is moving quietly.

The surface of the lava lake was neither flat nor pulsed as if it were alive.

Wavy magma.

In the vicinity of active lava lake, small explosions were repeated, and magma grains with stickiness and weight were scattered around.

Lava lake at Elta Alle Volcano visited on Ethiopia's Danakil Tour - YouTube

It is the word "fire of hell" to cross the mind.

Staring at the magma so as to be drawn in.

When returning to the campground from the crater, distribution of spaghetti which will be supper at 24 o'clock already. When I flatten it at once, I got to sleep while sniffing the smell of the soil which was just the bed which pulled the mat on the ground.

◆ To the crater the next morning
In the morning, after 5 o'clock, waking up is bad as "I do not want to move". I was planning to give up on people who are going around, but I was suffering from the inner conscience of "Is this OK to come so far", I finally got a heavy back. I will also go to see the morning crater. This judgment is correct. There was a scenery that can not be seen unless it gets bright.

Lava lake before dawn.

Looking back on the commemorative photo, it looked like Las Boss that seems to come out in the game. It seems to be nice to play with saying "I've had a good time" to find a friend who will do the brave. Please do somebody.

A frolic tourist version in the lava lake.

As the night breaks up, the whole picture of the lava lake is revealed.

The surface of magma that was hardened to gray.

It was a rough texture like an elephant's skin.

There are wrinkles in the place where you can pick up with your hands.

Lumpy magma that looks just like something being cooked in a pot Lava lake at Elta · Ale Volcano - YouTube

Unlike the exotic and hot night face, it is quite snappy in the morning.

From the crater to the camping grounded area, a cold sight will spread.

A barren world.

After the flow of lava was tunneled.

I started downtown from around 6:30.

Looking back at Elta Alle Volcano where there was a lava lake.

◆ Other highlights
Apart from this lava lake, the Dana Kil Tour has such a highlight.

· Asalay salt lake
Uyuni salt lake in South America was in the dry season, so it turned into salt earthI was able to run on a bicycle.. At this tour we will drop in at the place called Lake Asaray Salt. Because the water is stretched, I expected the mirror, but I could not find the impression. Still, the horizon and the feeling of openness that I can see far can be the best. It is also good to wipe with hinyari and wind, because there is water.

Lake Asaray and the horizon.

Standing on the ground of salt.

· Caravan Corps
In the surroundings of salt lake you can see the caravan of camels because salt mining is taking place. However, as it is a haphazard way without the directing which I had before, I will miss seeing it. I wanted to look at the camels more slowly.

Camels and donkeys with gentle eyes.

Caravan corps composed of people, camels, donkeys.

· Darol Volcano
Located below sea levelDarol VolcanoI am making a miracle by eruption activity. As if I got lost in a different star, the scenery that I never saw came into.

Yellow salt clump like a coral reef.

Earth like a man who scrambled eggs.

It was a place that was realistic like an abstract picture.

Scenic landscape group in Darrol volcano of Ethiopia as if you get lost in a different star - YouTube

After the organic matter at the spout has solidified, it looks like the egg shell from which the alien came out.

After that, it will be fun to chase innocently playing children around there. You can take a nice picture, but be careful not to collect it if you collect too much children. Please also pay attention to the baby hidden behind the mother's back. I wrap a piece of cloth around my body and carry a baby, but Ethiopia was a rare form of both shoulders. It's a crochet or a waist-wrap, and in Africa the way the baby carries is different depending on the place.

The adorable son of a guest house used during the tour.

These children were playing with making pitfalls.

It was a Dana Kill tour that was the most expensive expense so far, but I think that it would be nice to be able to visit lava lake because it would be difficult to see once in a lifetime. I have seen a nice place where you can experience the mystery of Mother Earth.

(Sentence / picture: Takuya SAITO @ Charriderman
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