In the mountainous region of Peru where I met a flock of alpaca, coldness stained in excess of 4000 m above sea level

I went to bed at bedtime with four blankets at night, and in the morning there was frost on the car and it was necessary to take down jacket. Even though I was taking a shower on the Amazon until the other day, when I enter the mountains the climate changes completely. In the town of the plateau exceeding the altitude of 4000 m, there were people living normally, with the hat covering the muffler in the cold weather. Peru is too wide. I crossed the peak of altitude of 4818 m which is the highest in my life so far.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Summer in Japan from Africa was more drunk, while I was temporarily returning home last year I was coming. this year tooThe heat continues till late AugustSo, as a warm hospitality from Chariderman to everyone in Japan, last year'sQinghai LakeYaFuji MountainFollowing the article, we will deliver a scenery that will cool the hot summer this year. There was a place close to heaven in Peru.

◆ High altitude exceeding 4000 m in altitude
Sloth crosses the roadWhen I crossed over the pass of 2662 m in altitude from Peru's Amazon zone, the climate changed completely and it became a dry landscape. It is the prefecture capital of Huanuco County as it isHuanucoIt enters. The streets of Huanuco which developed by sewing between the valleys were impressive full marks.

Amazon in Peru where there was much green

Once you cross the ridge, you will have a dry zone

Huanuco town spreading in the valley

Cathedral of Huanuco who had an unusual shape (cathedral)

Downtown where buildings were lined up on narrow lands

From the departure of Huanuco at an altitude of about 1,900 m, the upload lasted about 115 km from the peak of 4381 m above sea level. After I crossed the pass, I was hoping for downhill, I settled on the plateau at altitude 4100 m and I'm convinced that the local people said "It will be colder ahead". There was a town in such a place, and a high school student ordered to go to school. Alpaca which stretches long neck and eats grass with musshamha is also raised a lot. After running over a plateau of about 70 km, I dropped the altitude from about 4200 m to about 3700 m La Oroya with about 35 km downhill.

There is a town in a strange place!

A cheap hotel in Cajamarquilla with an altitude of about 3400 m

When the Wayaga River which joins the Amazon River also comes upstream, it has become thinner to this point.

Children also firmly cold

People of Peru Andean

I will go up with Guyguy.

Keep approaching the sky.

Near the top of the pass


You encountered a group of alpacas in the mountainous region of Peru - YouTube

This guyLlamaIs it alpaca? I can not tell a distinction ... ....

Although it exceeded the altitude of 4000 m, it was totally unexpected that a flat plateau had spread.

Accommodation in the town of Carhuamayo at an altitude of about 4,100 meters. When this cold is bad, I get a hat and gloves.

Frost that had been descending in the morning

I will run on the plateau as if I fly in the sky.

A town named Junin spreading in the plateau

Prairies and bicycles

The clouds were close by.

Bikuña is running cheerfully as well

Downhill along the river

You can see the activity of the Andes Mountains activityFoldGeologic Formation

A too blue sky A dry landscape was dazzling Mining city La Oroya

◆ Pass at an altitude of 4818 meters
As we go through Andean from La Oroya, we will arrive in the capital city Lima (Lima) as we cross the pass toward the coast to the prefecture capital Huancayo in Junin province. I ran towards Selva (Amazon) and Sierra (Andean) and headed to Lima which became Costa (coast) to know Peru further. It crosses the pass at the altitude of 4818 m which is the best in this trip. Until the Tibetan railway opened, the railway passing through this pass was "the railway running the highest place in the world".

Resource development town which was not displayed on the map

Morocco (Morococha) with an altitude of about 4500 m is also a mine town

It is nice to have a cheap hotel in this town, though ....

Even at the level of 10 sol (about 370 yen) on the flatland, in the highland the room will also have 25 sol (about 925 yen).

Moroccocha bus stop is a mine helmet

After Morokocha, the snowy mountain appeared.

Uakurachocha lake at the foot of the snowy mountain

The surface of the water looks like a mirror

It was clear transparency

Further raising the altitude, overlooking Uakrakocchia Lake.

The approaching snowy mountains

A mountain top with an altitude exceeding 5000 m

And I arrived at the 4818 m Pass.

Sky looked up

Another sign

Is "Volcan" somewhere a volcano too?

A tea house at a pass and a large-sized car stopping

From this altitude of 4818 m to the altitude of 525 m, I went down the distance 120 km at once. It is also the first time for such a long downhill. However it can not be forced to worry about Peru's road surface condition and traffic manners. Since the bicycle is not enemy to the truck, we had it overtake soon, I went down safely first.

In the vicinity of the top is a skylark garden

I will leave the snowy mountain and go down at a stretch.

Dive through the iron bridge over the valley ... ...

Peru We thought that the familiar whole road closure was normal, restoring the landslide was done normally.

You can also go down such a narrow valley

After a while, green is enriched

I was going down and down everywhere.

As Lima approaches it dries, just as for the mountain.

And I arrived in Lima safely. I have come down to the coast, but Machu Picchu is going to rush into the Andes again as I can not remove it. I am looking forward to where I will go up. Peru is also hot and cold, but the change is intense, but I will also take care of my physical condition and run. Please take care of yourself so that you do not become a heat stroke.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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