Six foods that protect skin from ultraviolet rays and are highly effective against sunburn

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Tan in sunburn caused by batting intense sunlight is absolutely worrisome in the summer. In order to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, it is common to apply sunscreen cream or oil, but it is not applied to the skin to prevent sunburn but to increase the strength of the skin against ultraviolet rays by ingesting, it is highly effective for sunburn countermeasures There is food, as Kate Morin says "six foods that protect skin from ultraviolet rays"Huffington PostIt is open to the public.

6 Foods That Will Protect You From The Sun

◆ 1:Omega-3 fatty acidFish including


The Royal Liverpool - University Hospitalofthe studyAccording to Omega-3 fatty acids contained in shellfish and fatty fish, it breaks the skin at the atomic level and causes wrinkles and sunburnFree Radical DamageIt has been found that there is an effect that protects the skin from.

◆ 2: Red and orange fruits and vegetables

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Included in fruits / vegetables with red or pink color such as tomatoesLycopeneIs caused by sunburnErythemaIt has an effect onUniversity of Dusseldorfofthe studyIt turns out by. AlsoCarotenoidIt is a kind ofBeta-caroteneIs contained in red and orange vegetables and fruits, it has sunburn effect and it is included in pink and orange citrusFlavonoidHas the effect of strengthening the resistance of the skin to ultraviolet rays.

◆ 3: Dark chocolate

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Dark chocolate also contains flavonoids, which is effective for countermeasures against ultraviolet rays, as well as beauty and health effects to hydrate skin and increase oxygen saturation to improve blood flow, perfect for beach accompaniment. However, it is weak because it melts easily due to heat, so be careful.

◆ 4:BrassicaceaeVegetables

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Broccoli andKale, Cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetablesAntioxidant, Which enhances skin's resistance to free radical damage. Also, broccoliSproutTo prevent skin cancereffectHaveSulforaphaneis included.

◆ 5: Green plant

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Parsley · Basil ·Sage·RosemaryGreen herbs and so on also contain antioxidants. Spinach andFudan'sIncluded in manyPolyphenolAnd carotenoids are also effective in repairing sunburned skin.

◆ 6: Green tea and black tea


Green tea and black tea which are green plants originally contain polyphenols a lot,Non melanoma skin cancerIt is also effective for prevention such asBirmingham VA Medical Centerofthe studyIt is proved by.

In other words, according to this theory, if you eat green-yellow vegetables with shellfish and fatty fish and drink chocolate and black tea after meals, sun protection measures are perfect.

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