I tried to cross the Canadian Rockies who are deprived of the huge scale of the Americas

Going east from Vancouver (Vancouver) will hit the Rocky Mountains. In late SeptemberCanadian RockiesThe mountains were snowy on the top of the mountain. It is overwhelmed by the view that the mountains that appear one after another are attractive. When I was watching the beautiful mountains, the spicyness beyond the pass was also blowing away. Lake Louise (Lake Louise) and Banff (Banff) are popular tourist destinations for Japanese people. I saw wild animals such as Mulejica and Elk in that city.

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. Crossing the Rocky Mountains by bicycle was one of my favorite rounds around the world.

Here is a tourist city of Canadian Rockies Banff.

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At the airport in Fukuoka, I received an e-mail from Mr. Yoshi living in the field called "Would you like to visit if you come to Vancouver" and also in Taipei and Vancouver. He seems to have read GIGAZINE from overseas, and is an invitation in that. Since Wi - Fi was flying to any airport, I was not worried about contacting you, so I took care of two days at a house in the outskirts of Vancouver and got ready for the trip.

Purchase of necessary items.

Mr. Leo who is Yoshi's son and a prime field.

Despite being busy with work, thank you. The start of a new journey tends to be confused, but I was able to get ready and get a good start.

◆ To the east

I took a course from Vancouver to the east. As soon as I run south I will enter the United States, but that does not mean I have traveled in Canada. And the route that goes through Canadian Rockies has always longed for me. Charlider who started Alaska 's Anchorage in the summer is running a Canadian Rocky National Park such as Jasper and Banff.

Canadian wilderness where you want to go back to salmon.

A truck carrying wood.

It is 120 km to the next gas station. Because it is common thing overseas, it is not dangerous.

I crossed the pass of altitude of 1244 m as it was.

I found a big bird.

I will pass the city of Merritt (merit).

Run through the side of a quiet lake.

Rushed into the city of Kamloops (Kamloops).

Kamloops, with a population of 87,000 people, is a big city. Large commercial facilities gather around this bypass and there is a city center near the river. Because there is an altitude difference of 200 m, life seems to be tough if there is no car. Because I can not run bypass by bicycle, I got off to the city center.

I will be quiet when I leave the city.

A railroad next to the road.

I will go through the conifer forest.

◆ Canadian Rockies

As you pass through the city of Revelstoke, there is a high mountain shape.

I will enter Canadian Rockies.

Great view

A mountaintop that pierces the sky.

I crossed the Rogers pass at an altitude of 1330 m.

The mountain seen from the top of the pass.

How high will the summit of the mountain ... ...?

The area of ​​this Rogers pass is Glacier National Park.

It is natural that it jumps in downhill everywhere.

After finishing down the Rogers pass, it is the town of Golden. I will finally enter Banff National Park when I cross this next pass.

◆ Banff National Park

Located in the south of Canadian RockiesBanff National ParkIt was Canada 's primary purpose to visit here. If you are traveling in Canada in the summer, there are other alternatives, but this is the best we can have as the end of September when the cold becomes severe as usual. Still, I was able to run in a wonderful scenery like a dream.

The snow-capped mountains are in the direction of travel in the distance.

Canadian Rockies illuminated by the sunset are the highlights of this time.

A mountain shaped like "mountain" in front of everything spreading the hem equally evenly.

Passing through a small settlement while climbing to Banff National Park.

Deep deep Canadian Rockies' mountains.

It was freezing in the morning and evening, so we had icicles on the mountains!

An interesting shaped mountain like cut diagonally with a hand sword.

Although I expected to cross the Rocky mountain range severe pass over, the large road of two lanes on one side is made to make speed even for large vehicles or the slope is smooth. It reached the highest point of about 1650 m before getting down and fell down.

Then,Lake Louise (Lake Louise)Arrival in.

We stayed at a youth hostel at Lake Louise.

I will run lightly on the one-way two-lane road like Japan's highway toward the next town of Banff.

My car and Canadian Rockies.

A road that extends towards the majestic mountains.

The scenery I saw at the observation spot next to the road was too beautiful.

One side is a jagged peak like a jagged.

At the mountain "MT RUNDLE" the altitude will be 9675 feet, about 2949 M.

Over 10 days from VancouverBanffArrival in.

Unlike the streets I have ever seen, there are many sightseers.

It is natural because it is a place surrounded by such magnificent mountains.

I often saw signs of attention to wild animals on the way.

Attention to Big Horn Sheep.

Attention to Mountain goat.

Attention to Elk.

I was watching, but there is no figure.

But I was hanging around in the residential area of ​​Banff. Is it Muleska?

I stared at the friendly eyes.

What was staying in the forest in the suburbsElkwas. There was dignity.

To protect these wildlife there is a special tunnel on the road in Banff National Park. The upper part of the tunnel became a bridge connecting the forest and the forest and freeing the traffic of wild animals.

What I was worried most about with this Canadian Rocky was ... a wild bear.

I was saved because there was only such a bear. I thought that I was hibernating because it was cold ... ....

The town of Canmore (Canmore) close to Banff.

Canadian rocky mountains seen from the intersection.

The size of Canadian Rockies made me realize that I came to the Americas.

The Canadian Rockies in autumn seemed to be prepared for the coming winter, so it was quiet. It seems to be able to see a different expression here depending on the season, so I'd also like to visit another season.

Canadian's purpose has been fulfilled by crossing the Canadian Rockies. It is so cold that we will head south towards the United States. This neighborhood has exceeded 50 degrees north latitude higher than Hokkaido of Japan, and it seemed to catch a cold.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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