A magnificent view from Bariloche in Argentina called 'South America Switzerland'

On January 24Argentine's peso plummetAlthough it shook the world market by doing it, Bariloche which was in the New Year's holiday was really lively city that Argentina was doubtful that it is a country of economic crisis. The image of hot South America is not here, and the calm atmosphere surrounded by the green trees and the blue lake is like Europe. When I moved to the suburbs by bus, I rode the ropeway and the lift and went up to the observatory, I could see the horizon so that the horizon would draw an arc. Together with Chile's Villarrica and Osorno volcanoes, the area is a resort area.

Hello, I am going south of PatagoniaAround the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. In Patagonia I went to Bariloche in Argentina to exchange dark doubles as a visit from the information that the rate is bad.

Bariloche is located around here.

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◆ Pucon of Chile
From the town called Temko located about 650 km south of Santiago, the capital of Chile, we aimed at the border of Argentina for the inland route. On the western side of Lake VillarricaVillaricaTo the east ofPuconUntil. Both are places of calm atmosphere that is not unrivaled in South America. I stayed at Pucon for several days.

Pucon located in the middle of long and slender chile in the north and south.

Hydrangea around here was healed.

Observation deck overlooking Pucon town. The statue of Christ is watching.

It was a small town.

Main street is not chiristic cluttered, and it is calm atmosphere.

There were many tourists as well. In Chile, Argentina, the appearance of backpackers traveling their country is prominent.

And the attraction of the eyes from the town is the Villarrica volcano in the form of snow covered.

Because it is the same stratovolcano as Mt. Fuji, I draw a beautiful skirt.

◆ Arrived in Argentina
From Pucon "Paso Mamuil MalalAfter entering the border of Argentina. Junin de los Andes (Junin de los Andes) and San Martin de los Andes (San Martin de los Andes).

Argentina in 96 countries.

It was running in the untouched nature.

Cross the old bridge of the unpaved section.

The air was also clear and pleasant place.

Green full color.

Since almost no car passes, it is a pleasant section while it is unpaved.

I am going through the valley to capture the pass.

Turn around a powerful hairpin curve.

To the opposite valley. Although the front border was about 1200 m, this pass in Argentina is about 1,300 m and it is strange that the Andes diving ridge is strange.

Strange rock standing to protrude in the sky. If you change the angle, there will be more width.

The car was a ferryboat, and the bicycle crossed the river with a suspension bridge. Because there was a campground in the village, we decided to drop in to shower for New Year's Eve.

Thus 2014 began.

◆ Observatory of Bariloche
On January 2nd we will show the destination in Argentina this timeSan Carlos de Bariloche"Arrival in. It is a resort facing Nawueruuapi Lake, and it is crowded with ski visitors in winter. Bariloche has Campagnalo Hill (Cerro Campanario), Mount Otto (Cerro Otto), Cathedral Mountain (Cerro Catedral) and three observation decks that can overlook the lake, but this time I climbed the highest mountain cathedral this time I have done it. It is convinced that Bariloche is called "South America Switzerland".

Bariloche's Centro. The town of Switzerland, Germany and northern Italy is settling heavily.

Chocolate shop. Unlike South America so far, I felt European color strongly.

People who skip indoor skating rink. I am not interested in Argentina at the standard of living which does not feel economic crisis.

Take the bus from "CATEDRAL" bus stop in the city.

I will be shaken by such a bus. The public bus costs 10 pesos (about 105 yen) and cheap.

I arrived at the foot of Mount Cathedral.

I will take this ropeway. Here is the price of 150 pesos (about 1600 yen).

The gondola has four people.

From the ropeway I changed to a lift and aimed further. There is also a height as scary, I get tense.

The movie taken from the lift is here.

Lift towards the observatory of Bariloche in Argentina where foot gets caught - YouTube

The end point of the lift.

When walking for a while I could see Nauer Huapi Lake.

The lake spreads as thin as a valley.

Since the road extended to the ridge, we decided to walk a bit.

Because the altitude exceeds 2000 m, snow still remains.

When I walked to the ridge in this way, the scenery which is so beautiful as to doubt my eyes jumped over.

Nauer · Huapi Lake which made a deep blue.

You can see from the city of Bariloche to the Pampa (Prairie) in Patagonia.

The place where the front rode the ropeway, far away is the city of Bariloche.

Not only did I look around, the mountains of the Andean there were also shining.

People in the Andes with snow cover.

Nature's appearance as it is without dressing up.

Together with Nauer Huapi Lake, there is a scenery that is not word.

The view from the observatory is like this.

Too beautiful scenery from the observatory of Bariloche also called Switzerland in South America - YouTube

◆ Again to Chile
You can finish sightseeing and dark exchange in Bariloche, even if you go south from here, you can enter Patagonia, but you need to receive mail from Japan at Puerto Montt (Puerto Montt) and eat seafood and salmon such as salmon Since I had a mission of returning to Chile again from the border Paso Cardenal Antonio Samores.

This area was dotted with lots of lakes.

A characteristic rocky mountain near the border.

When entering Chile, another lake comes out in downhill.

Spreading green forest.

I came down to my village. This neighborhood of January is like that of spring of Japan.

And it seems that this is also stratovolcano Osorno volcano with an altitude of 2660 m.

Osorno volcano is also called "Chile Fuji" from Mt. Fuji and two melons.

Osorno volcano seen from the lake.

I was fascinated by the beautiful figure.

◆ crossing the border with a boat
From Route Barcelona of Argentina to Puerto Mont of Chile there is also a route to transfer three lakes to the boat, but I dismiss it because I am one person so I am lacking excitement. Instead, my friends Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Charadas are running, so I borrowed a photo. It is enviable to be with a person who wants to cherish a bicycle trip that is more important than anyone. Two people made "Two people wheel"A travel record is spelled on the website called" The site.

Ship crossing Lake Nauel / Huapi.

In the boat.

Running on the unpaved road.

It is a route that looks like a fun when you see it.

To the next boat.

Nice picture.

In the last boat you can hope for Osorno volcano from above the boat.

It is a beautiful figure.

Pucon, Bariloche, Osorno volcano and a large sightseeing area of ​​South America scale are continuing. How about not only Patagonia but also this area be added to the travel plan?

(Sentence / picture: Takuya SAITO @ Charriderman
Cycling around the world for a bicyclehttp://shuutak.com
Twitter@ Shuutak)

(Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Kimura
Two people wheelhttp://www.ninin-yonrin.com
Twitter@ Kim _ msc)

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