A scene of a miracle that Fitzroy attracts Perito Moreno glacier and the wilderness of Patagonia

The Pelito Moreno glacier and the wilderness of Patagonia were beyond imagination, where clear blue was confined in the fits of the Fitzroy shining in the morning sun. Fitzroy is in ChilePineeAs well as Patagonia's representative mountain, famous as an outdoor manufacturerPatagoniaIt is a logo mark. In the Pelito Moreno glacier where there was a force that the earth of ice came in, there was clear water that I had never seen before.

Hello,Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman.Strong wind prairieRunning through, I arrived at "El Calafate"It is a base of sightseeing for Patagonia sightseeing, crowded with many tourists. Here you can enjoy the wilderness of Patagonia, so you can see why.

El Calafate is here.

Entrance to the town

From the surrounding area where there were only grasslands El Calafate is a big city

◆ Fitzroy
After a party with four college students who became friends on El Calafate on February 12, we aimed at Fitzroy. Travel by bus until "El-Chalten" which is the basis of trekking. Here we become friends with another Japanese group, aiming for Fitzroy shining in the morning sun in a large household of nine in total. We are doing rental of tent and sleeping bag at outdoor shop in town so even if we do not have camping equipment we are fine. I only had daypack, so I borrowed a backpack here.

The town of El · Charten on which trekking is based

Fitzroy also shows its figure from the town

Fresh nature

While walking around slowly while chatting

The spectacular Fitzroy seen at the viewpoint

I will fall in love with a beautiful figure

A glacier with an amount of crushing is also a masterpiece

Because we have been watching the great meadow only for a long time, the lush green trees were fresh.

Because the wind is a strong place, trees also grow like flowing.

Tent set up work at "Poincenot" campsite

Four tents built

As I had time, I decided to go to "Laguna De los Tres" worshiping the sunrise tomorrow. The distance from the campground is 3 km, but 400 m has to raise the altitude.

Los Torres lake viewing Fitzroy in front

The glaciers that were far away are also very close together

The shadow of Fitzroy who stretches out with sunset

The next day I departed from the campground at 5:30 to worship Fitzroy shining on the morning sun. It was pitch dark so I was lighting my headlights with my feet, but it got brighter soon there was no need. "I wonder if this is enough for sunrise?" I am impatient, but I am going at a slow speed in the morning, because the latitude is high. Everyone arrived in yesterday's place before sunrise.

A new morning comes

Silence before dawn

6: 56, before the rising sun.

7: 07. Fitz Roy dyed red with sunrise.

7: 15. As I climbed further, it was shining dazzlingly.

Sharp peaks that seem to be difficult to climb. The altitude of the top seems to be 3405 m.

Commemorative photo

Japanese tourists who make a human pyramid losing to Fitzroy

I watched Fitzroy for about an hour and descended.

I also care about the scenery behind the national park

Fitzroy going away

It was blessed with the weather and showed the best view.

And the thing that remained in my mind this time was that I acted by everyone, not by one person. Making something with someone that I longed for watching other backpackers' blogs etc. No matter how much you keep traveling alone you will not have much to do. That is why it was good that everyone could make fun of each other and have a good time laughing.

Thank you very much.

◆ Perito Moreno Glacier
The next day after I came back from FitzroyLos Glaciares National ParkIt is inPelito Moreno GlacierBook tour with friends. Visit the observation deck,World newspaperMr. Matsuzaki of Mr.Glacier cruiseAlthough they seem to be, they themselves went to the observatory by bus, and then chose "mini trekking" tour which walks a little over the glacier for 1 hour. Since it seems that there are no opportunities to walk glaciers other than here, there is no way to make a total of around 10,000 yen for a total of 800 pesos for the tour fee and 130 pesos for the national park entrance fee. On the morning of the day, minivan came to pick us up, and we will change to a bus and aim for a glacier.

Pelito Moreno glacier seen from the observatory here

The right edge of the glacier as seen from the front

This is the left edge of the glacier

Fragment of a crushed glacier. This did not fall here, ice cubes falling down in various places flowed here. During sightseeing, the glacier collapsed with a huge sound, "Gowoow", so if you're lucky you may be able to see it at that moment.

The great ice field which makes you cool just by looking

The glaciers from the observation deck also changed their expressions according to the height

Tourists glad to glaciers

After sightseeing at the Observatory for about an hour, get on the bus and go to the fishing boat. Then I will board the ship and move to trekking place.

Lump of ice floating in the lake

As I advance while avoiding the iceberg, the scenery from the top of the ship is also impressive.

Arrived at the border between lake and glacier

I got off the ship and walked through the land to the glacier entrance for about 20 minutes

The top of a glacier that was strangely sharp

In mini trekkingEisenI will walk on a glacier borrowed. Trace feels like walking on hard ice rather than snow as a shary. From that kind of thing, glove gloves were also paid as being told that "The place to hold the hand is also pointed".

Here is the entrance to glacier trekking

The glacier near the land is black sand and it is a little dirty.

I will take you through the glacier along with the tour guide

When walking for a while it looks something like this.

A tour guide that is proficient in English who showed trekking. The tour participants were divided into two groups, Spanish and English, acting.

Walking between ice walls.

Be careful not to slip on a steep slope.

The water flowing through this glacier was clearer and fascinated than any place so far.

Impurity is not mixed

Cupping by hand and light transparency to the touch

Blue was trapped in the bottom of the water that I never saw

Inside of a steep glacier

The ice field which can be seen flat even from afar, when it actually walked, the undulation became intense. It may be natural that the ice will become water with strong sun ... ....

It feels like adventure, the tension also rises.

I hope there is a penguin ... ... on the glacier, but this is a stuffed animal. A Russian woman who was walking together brought it and was doing interesting things.

A toast with glacial ice and whiskey at the end of trekking

A moment of bliss

On the glacier, I took a lot of pictures.

We were able to fully enjoy Patagonia with Fitz Roy and Pelito Moreno glacier with no clouds and the best weather. Why do not you try incorporating it in the route when you visit Patagonia? There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by the power of nature.

(Sentence / picture: Takuya SAITO @ Charriderman
Cycling around the world for a bicyclehttp://shuutak.com
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