How much mountain is it with Fitzroy who became the motif of the Patagonia logo

It is a fact known to be a mountain called Fitz Roy in Patagonia, Argentina, which became a motif of the outdoor brand · Patagonia logo mark, but it is actually a kind of mountain, but I actually confirm with this eye what kind of mountain it is It was.

Hello everyone.World newspaperIt is Matsuzaki Atsushi of. I am in Buenos Aires, Argentina, around the world. It was a European husband at this time,I have suffered great losses,I was forcibly repatriated from Sao Paulo to Buenos. Next week I will reattack to Europe.

Well this week Argentina is about Fitzroy in Patagonia. Fitzroy is a mountain representative of Patagonia known for becoming a motif of the Patagonia brand logo.

This is Patagonia logo

This time, I went trekking to a place where its Fitzroy looks most beautiful. That is where you can see the co-star of the lake, the glacier and Fitzroy.

Fitzroy is around here. Located in the south of Argentina

On a larger mapFitzroyShow

City at the foot · the streets of El Chalten

It is a small town surrounded by rocky mountains

You can worship Fitzroy from the city

I arrived at the trekking gate at 9 o'clock in the morning

The view point that the point of the "!" Mark on the left aims for. It takes about 4 hours by the route of the red line.

Gradually climbing continues. The season is autumn. Is the temperature about 15 degrees?

Totoro Path

The road is divided.

Going to the right seems to have mirador (Observatory)

After walking for about 10 minutes, I could see something shining from the shade of the tree

Fitzroy holding snow

The altitude is 3375 meters

I have enough presence from here as well

I will head towards you.

Fitz Roy embraced by autumn leaves

When I go to the left, it is a viewpoint, but as I go to the right, I will see it before there is a fine glacier


There was a horse.

Concon consicon ...... Looking up, it was woodpecker.

move on

Oh, glaciers could be seen between the mountains

It is shining brightly illuminated

Glacier is a huge ice block that can be made by accumulating ice and snow for several years and compressing the year-round snow.

I walk through such a path and I feel sorry.

There was a rainbow

I came back to a while ago. I will go to the left this time.

I came to Kawahara.

It is cold enough to get numb

A sudden climb will begin

It is lactic acid accumulation

I climbed a lot. Autumn leaves are very beautiful.

The summit is now visible. Fitz Roy is waiting at the end.

I reached the summit! I thought ... ....

Fitzroy was over the hill

As I climbed the hill ......

This is ... ... a great location




I feel even a harsh atmosphere

Let's get down to the lake

Clear water

Fitzroy showed various expressions indeed.

Before dawn

The sky starts to whiten

The destination will start to turn red

Burning Fitzroy

The outline appears clearly and rises in the morning glow

Shining Fitzroy

Mirror finish

What is this mountain is deeply pocketed. I understand why Patagonia motivated Fitzroy as a reason.

(Sentence / picture: World Newspaper / Atsushi Matsuzaki

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