Mortar of La Paz, the capital of the world's highest places, is too beautiful

I ran on a nearly flat plateau at an altitude of about 4000 m and suddenly doubt my eyes if the city is sinking under my eyes. A 6000 m class Waina Potosi and Iirimani mountain rising with a gaze rising. There is not much scenery that you will notice about so much. Capital city of South America BoliviaLa PazWas located in a mortar shaped basin of the Andes Mountains.

Hello, I entered Bolivia and declined "Uyuni salt lake" and "jewelry road"Around the World Bicycle WorldIt is Takuya Sudo @ Chaliderman. I arrived at the capital city of La Paz soon after entering the country, but an unbelievable sight spread, I realized the size of the world again. You can not miss the glittering night view.

The location of Bolivia's capital city La Paz here

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◆ City of La Paz at the bottom of the mortar

An international airport with an altitude of 4,061 m is located on a road with little undulation from the time of entry to the place before La PazEl AltoAfter passing through, I could see the city of La Paz spread out in the basin with visibility open at once. Even 4km in a straight line to the city center, there is a difference in elevation so we will go down about 11km in a blink.

After entering the country, the flat landscape continued.

Even though there is no undulation in El Alto which is the satellite city of La Paz ......

After a while from El Alto there was a city of La Paz spreading to the bottom of the mortar.

Town center with high-rise buildings densely

It is a big city where the population of about 900,000 people live

In the southeast of La Paz, the altitude of 6439 mIrimani MountainThere is towering up. It could be confirmed from anywhere in the city, it was a symbolic existence of La Paz.

Ilimani from another angle

And the north of La Paz is the altitude of 6088 mWaina PotosiSo this is famous even for climbing among travelers. It can not be confirmed since it is a slope from the city of La Paz.

I took a mini bus from the city center saying "If you are going to sightseeing La Paz, this place is only here", I watched the city of La Paz overwhelmed when I arrived. If it is before noon the sunshine will flicker or it will not be as beautiful as the arrival at dusk. Both Iirimani and Waina Potosi obstruct clouds hiding. If I looked at the edge of the mortar well enough, I decided to walk to the bottom as I was impatient. I can not get down to the city center properly although I can not go to the crowds.

The scenery was amazing, but the sun looked lively in the city.

In the highlands of 4000 m, there are no mountains in higher places and in the lower part is the city of La Paz.

City center

Waina potato with clouds.

Several staircases were made from the edge of the mortar to the bottom.

Dwellings at the edge of the mortar and skyscrapers at the bottom.

The city of La Paz which can be seen from between buildings

I will approach closer and steadily

Soccer coat made in a small space

Parking where people are looking at will be smoked

When turning around, the edge of a mortar like a wall

Children who were playing in such places as well.

By the way, La Paz and El Alto outside the mortar are connected by a gentle road with a slope of two lanes on one side.

A group of houses built on the edge of a mortar

◆ City of La Paz in the mortar

There is an expression called "La Paz located at a place higher than Mt. Fuji" on a traveler's blog, but it is not strictly speaking. In the suburbs El Alto exceeds the altitude of 4000 m, La Paz, which becomes a mortar, has an altitude difference between the rim and the bottom, and the city center with the church of St. Francis is about 3600 m. The office town with government agencies and embassies is in a lower place. By the way, Mt. Fuji peak is 3776 m. It is also characteristic of La Paz that the income disparity appears at the altitude, in the lowland of the bottom of the mortar in the luxury residential area, towards the edge of the mortar with few incomes. La Paz city in the mortar is getting saturated and the city is expanding centering on El Alto outside.

A row of skyscrapers will blow away the image of Bolivia, which is also a poor country in South America.

Prado street has become a fashionable downtown

Blue blue sky peering through the valley of the building

The area where St. Francis church is located will not stop the traffic

The city of La Paz is full of steep slopes and the altitude is also high, so I can breathe just a little over it.

When I looked far away, the houses were spreading on the slope, so I felt that I was always at the bottom of the basin.

The opposite side of the narrow road on the descending slope is a scene like La Paz which is a slope.

Plaza Murillo (Plaza Murillo) with Cheong Wa Du and the cathedral is the center of the city.

Many pigeons gather here.

It is located in the world's highest sea level at 3577 m as a general stadiumHernando Sirez Stadium. Although the altitude caused the FIFA not to qualify as an official stadium from that altitude, there was a turmoil, but President Bolivia also added protests, and for the time being the qualifying for the 2014 World Cup is held here.

Leica Cota Park which is near the Hernando Sirez stadium and has become a place of relaxation for La Paz citizens.

Children playing with playthings.


Since it is also an observation platform, you can see the office town in the center of La Paz.

Sagar naga street with souvenir shops and travel agencies.

The items ordered on the souvenir shop are coloring the aunt of Indiana.

Street market supporting La Paz catering table

Discover popular street streets

Food to be cooked is arranged

A fly of a trout called "Trucha Frita" that I ate in Peru came out

This is a delicious small fish fry. Like TrucciTiticaca LakeIt was said that it could be taken with. Bolivia is an inland country and does not face the sea.

◆ Night view of La Paz

It is a magnificent scenery so far, so I tried taking pictures with chocolate choco, where the night view is also anxious.

The area of ​​St. Francis church is crowded with lots of people even at night.

Highway in the city center

Irimani mountain being swallowed at night

Lighting of houses built in office town and slope of mortar

To watch 'Auna Pro Wrestling' held at El Alto outside the mortar. I ended up losing words in the night view of La Paz as I saw it from the edge of the mortar. The warm light was sparkling as if flowing through the slope.

Also in Colombia in the Andean MountainsMedellinIt was a valley, and the capital of the Inca empire, Peru'sCuscoAlthough it was a basin, neither of them is enemy to the size of the scale of La Paz. Although I have seen lots of scenery, the city of La Paz which spread out like a mortar was a considerable shock. The earth is big and the world is wide, and there are people who live their lives in these places.

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