Thinking about reaching the cape of Loca in Portugal at the westernmost end of the Eurasian Continent by bike from Japan

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. I was running in the inland part of Spain from the previous Andorra Duchy. This Spain inland area is wide. The area of ​​Spain is about 1.3 times the size of Japan and the population is about one third and there are no people. Because it is not a mountain country like Japan, the scenery that feels the continent spreads. It was also Spain that the large church towers in the center of the city, in line with the vast country land. Then go into Portugal and head to the cape of Loca at the westernmost end of Eurasia Continent.

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Here is the cape of Loca at the westernmost end of Eurasia Continent.

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For Charida it is a pleasant place to run.

The wine field is also of this size.

A huge cattle signboard that you see why. Please compare with the car.

It is easy to do the homeless because it is dry.

The field spreads to the horizon.

A sign of distance display every 1 km, a column of large distance display here stands every 10 km.

Only nature and fields are found.

It was flat but the altitude was 700 m. Inland area of ​​Spain has altitude altogether.

The sun will set behind the horizon.

I spent the night in these forests.

I am surprised that it is huge until the slug.

And the church in Spain is big. Even small towns are conspicuous in the center of the huge church. Is it the influence of the national land restoration war that fought with Muslims once?

Many such castles on the top of the mountain were also seen.

It is an ordinary general church that does not change, but it feels great.

The church of Salamanca, a city of world heritage, is very large and it is overwhelmed and crushed when walking down just under.

Looking back across the river is this force.

Speaking of Spain, we see a bullfighting field as a bullfight.

Children who spoke to us when we were on a bench in the city.

They are boys who taught me the place of the supermarket.

There is an Aquarius by Coca-Cola Company in Spain. It is only seen in Spain and Portugal in a wide Europe.

I also buy some vegetables as I cook for myself. I got a green onion. It is serious if you can keep an eye out for bad people. "Hey, look at that, duck is carrying a green onion,"

The atmosphere of Portuguese church is different from Spain.

The weather in the inland area of ​​Spain was good, but after entering Portugal it will be bothered by rain. The winter Mediterranean coast region is rainy season. Although the photos here are also sunny, the roads are wet.

It took a rainbow.

And we arrive at the capital city Lisboa. I have been in beautiful Europe with Scandinavian and Benelux, but I became European with Athens and Istanbul. People are bright, but the city is a bit miscellaneous.

A stylish building where trees are planted inside the building.

I will walk in the city center.

I came to the sea when I was walking. It is a pity that it is unfortunate cloudy sky this day, but will it be wrapped in clear blue sky in the summer?

I found a building where old building and new building fused.

In the vicinity of Lisbon there is the cape of Loca which becomes the westernmost end of Eurasia Continent. Most charaders adore a place called Edge. Many charrids were running towards Soya Cape in Hokkaido in summer in Japan as well. I also ran. So do not go to the cape of Roca. I left my luggage and went to play with an empty bicycle.

The cape towering above the cliffs is comfortable and the appearance of tourists is also prominent. It was a customer from China that stands out there. Chinese tourists are a spectacle often seen in Europe.

Commemorative photographing of achievement across the Eurasian Continent.

I reached the Atlantic Ocean. As I thought abroad at Haterumajima in southernmost Japan in the course of Japan, I thought of the continent on the other side of this sea. I hope someday I will be able to travel.

I got on the train on the way home because I did not have enough time. It is a pleasure to have a bicycle ride on a train without having to struggle like baggage. How about Japan?

It was the end of April 2009 that I left the local Fukuoka and restarted the trip. In December 2010 I ran 33,500 km over 1 year and 8 months and finished crossing the Eurasian Continent. When I started, it was a long distance and time to get distracted but I have to build up one by one. It was the same around the old Australia. And the Eurasian Continent crossing also ended. I will enter Africa from here.

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