When I bicycle over the 2408 m altitude covered with deep snow at the small country of Andorra Duchy in the Pyrenees mountains, homestay and TV interview were waiting

Everyone, do you know the Principality of Andorra? It is a mini state with a population of 70,000 in the mountains of the Pyrenees mountains that separates the French and Spanish border. Public buses are commonly used, but you can use a bicycle. I will show you all the details.
The Prince of Andorra is here.

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From the south of France aim for the Pyrenees Mountains. On this day I put up a tent in the forest. The sky was cloudy but it was a calm day without rain.

And the weather is bad the next day.

It was the best running in the snow so far. If the road surface is broken, I can run on the rut of the car, but if there is a snow pool I can take my foot. I am pleased that it is a road with little traffic.

This much snow was piled up. I can not take a break this time.

I cautiously descended carefully after the pass. Then I reached the city called Ax-les-Thermes at the foot. The bicycle is in this state. There is still snow falling, so I have to rest at a place with a roof.

From here you can see signs to Andorra by the main line.

The snow did not seem to quiet.

Charriderman who cooks himself on such a day ... ...

The next morning, it was also rounded up in the tent. And I have to check it.

Whether the car he is safe or not. I have experience of frost and snow, but it was the first time that ice came on spokes of the wheel. And ...

Whether to strike a nail in a banana? You listen carefully, are not you? So I tried to bury it the day before, but I just felt that cold was missing or just a fresh banana. Banana was delicious. I'm fine since morning.

I can not wait to see Morning sun in a snowy side.

Then pass over the pass begins. On this day as well, it was on the verge of giving up only that we had to go by train if it was snow.

However, the weather is nice and the snow removal is perfect.

Cows are grazing even in such snow.

I passed the snow removal car. It is as long as it is.

The bicycle will rush up.

I was blessed with the weather, and I had to be overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery.

Car is also coming and going, but it will be cheered by braces and bravo and grand scale. No matter how hard the slope is, the cheering tone of cheers was pleased. It seems that it is on the bicycle race's Tool de France.

And I entered the Andorra principality. I enter the city called pas de la casa, but it is crowded with tourists.

Although there are only mountains on one side, only commercial areas are dense and strange. You can see McDonald's signs too.

There was a ski area, and a lot of ski guests were sliding. On the contrary, I am about myself.

The snow is getting deeper ...

The altitude was 2408 meters, this was the top of the pass. Good job.

After this I was planning to downhill lightly, but it was not fun at all though I went uphill. Wind and cold are painful, the fingertips are hurting, and it is a condition to not hold the brake. I went a little and thawed it with hot water of the thermos bottle. Do not look at the downhill of the cold sweetly. I decided to put a tent on the way "I can not do anything better".

If you do, it will take a voice saying "Are you OK?" "When you are going up the slope, did you understand that you said you welcome?" It certainly looked back on a number of voices. He seems to have stayed in Japan, he said that when he was talking about various things, he would like to take care of him at his house "If you can come home." He was a Chilean.

He was a ski instructor. "In the winter of the Northern Hemisphere skiing skiing in Europe, skiing in ski in Chile in the Southern Hemisphere, I have been repeating it for about eight years," how much do you like skiing? "I was sliding at the ski slope in Japan," he said, "My wife is also an instructor." It is said that the family is in Germany, calm after the child was born. Recently, the ski season has begun and I am indebted for the busy work. The way of living pursuing what I like is more exciting than anything else.

Thank you for taking care of me in the city called Ordino, but here is also the mountain.

And as I was running towards Spain, I was caught by a TV station.

This will be an interview. It is full a lot.

YouTube - Charlie Man receives a television interview in the Andorra Duchy

Spanish side Andorra border crowded with Spanish shoppers. Andorra has low consumption tax and is cheaply available for various things. I also got a bicycle part.

Congestion continuing to the border.

And I will enter Spain.

(Sentence / picture:Takuya SAITO @ Chaliderman
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