The view of the country of Turkey aiming to host the Istanbul Olympics

Fighting Tokyo, Madrid with the aim of "holding the first Olympics in the Islamic region"Istanbul. If there is an Olympic games in Seoul (Korea), Barcelona (Spain), Athens (Greece), Beijing (China), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and extension of economic development, Turkey has enough possibilities. Even in Mexico in 1968 we have hosted the Olympic Games. Do not forget the presence of Turkey as Europe, Asia, Islam and the world.

HelloTakuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Running in early 2010, Turkey has become one of the memorable countries. A historic tourist city Istanbul, a town with a line of shoulder with developed countries, rich dietary circumstances also called the world 's three greatest cuisine, and people who kindly did. This time I tried summarizing the scenery of Turkey far from Japan.

◆ Istanbul
The cross-Asian goal that ran the Silk Road from China was Istanbul. Between the Mediterranean and the Black SeaBosphorus StraitsBy the Asian side and the Europe side. It is a historic city that was also called Byzantium and Constantinople in the old days, the center of the Turkish economy with the largest population of 14 million in the country. Historic district of Old Town was crowded with lots of tourists.

Historical district of Istanbul's Old Town overwhelmed by a huge mosque

The Karakoy district, connected by the historical area of ​​Old Town with Galata Bridge. The galata tower with a height of 66.9 m attracts eyes.

I got a beautiful figureSultan Ahmet Mosque

This is also the representative building of Istanbul Hagia Sophia

Valens Aqueduct of the Eastern Roman Empire

The latest type tram (streetcar) in the historical district of the old city was running as if sliding without noise.

Istiklal street becoming a pedestrian heaven is always crowded.

This is a commercial area

Residential area full of living feeling

In the neighborhood of the Grand Bazaar, the voice of the store's "Burunbubyurun" sounded.

Local market near inn

Turkish who works for fishing at the Garata bridge

There is a cat in the place where there are the sea and the fish

Bosphorus Strait,Golden HornIn Istanbul where I was carrying, the ship is also an important means of transportation.

At first glance it's like a fortressHagia SophiaHe toured the interior. It is built as a Christian cathedral in the Eastern Roman Empire, but it was used as a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. It is now a museum and a place where many tourists visit.

Minaret (tower) built during the Ottoman Empire

A rugged appearance not like a gorgeous religious facility

But the inside was glittery enough

The interior of the building is open and huge space

When used as a mosque, Mihrab that shows the direction of the holy land Mecca that was made.

Look up at the ceiling dome.

The decoration is also fancy

Cylinder supporting the building

Arabic script

Of ChristMosaic picture. Since it was painted with plaster during the mosque, it remains in this way even in modern times.

Virgin and Child and the 12th century Emperor Johannes II Cornenos and Mrs.

Town of Turkey
Economic disparity in MexicoThinking about when comparing was the countries of Turkey and Balkan Peninsula where per capita income is equal. Two-story, three-story houses are commonplace housing is a respectable home compared with Japan. Since I was running all the way along the Black Sea coast, it should have taken quite a few rural areas, but it was an overall impression that was stable. As I was wondering, when I looked up the Turkish slum area on the Internet,Gege cordowThere seems to be an illegal building called.

A city on the Black Sea coast

Country road

With such a feeling, firm buildings are lining up.

A very large house

Even if it seems to be poor, this build.

It seems that Japan was densely populated with narrow flat places, with many ups and downs.

Go ahead on a steep street

After all big houses

Apartment houses stand out in big towns.

I ran into such a mountain road and aimed for Istanbul.

The peninsula protruding into the Black Sea is seen in the town of Sninop

When I become near Istanbul, the city has spread to such a degree.

Downtown area of ​​local cities

In the center of the city there are buildings lining up

Various shops lining side by side

This is also a shopping street

Pretty cobbled streets

In a little town called Zongrudaki to Istanbul

The weather was bad for Turkey in winter and it was serious

We faced the Aegean Sea further ahead of the peninsula from the port city IzmirCesmeTown

White walled houses on an orange roof

The shape of the castle was also changed

Turkish cuisine
It was after Central Asia, Iran, Caucasus and a region of poor change, so the rich food situation in Turkey was delightful. It's not a cheap restaurant, but a main meal called "Locanda" is the main meal. It is simple, but delicious Turkish cuisine has become happy.

Turkish specialty is Donnel Sand

Such pasty ingredients ......

You can wrap it up and it will be completed with such feeling.

Chicken sandwiches were cheap with volume, so they were eating from doner sandwich.

The specialty of Istanbul is Sabasand

"Pide" of Turkish style pizza with hot melted cheese

Does the rough muscle feel like pizza without cheese?

Appetizing rice plate as you see

Boiled chicken and rice

Rice dishes and salad

A sour soup with a breezy chicken

Meals with soup and balanced salad with rice

Source dish of egg and tomato with bread

Chicken meat set

Turkish style hamburger steak

When I was having a meal, I received cherry.

This Kyofte is stewed.

Speaking of TurkeyChai. We will have you with a sunken glass that fits your hand. The seller carried chai on the tray and carried it on trays.

Famous for growing ice creamDonduruma.

◆ Turkish people
When I tried to liquidate after eating meal in the dining hall, it was Turkey that something unbelievable occurred because "there are some people who paid collectively." Even though he did not even talk with him. Saying about people you do not know, we had a meal. I could not understand it well in Turkish, but it was a nice person as usual. There were only peaceful people, security was not bad, we could travel with confidence. However, Istanbul is used to tourists, a little different though.

A man serving meals

At a restaurant where a tent is set up, I am excited to get along with my uncle.

People making bread

I was caught and received interviews with the local internet media.


Strong kebabs' employees

A fish shop with a wonderful smile

While girls are crying, girls junior high school students who spoke to us in English are surely beautiful.

◆ What is Turkey
It is a country of Islam, but a beer poster for a beautiful swimsuit. It is no exaggeration to say that the sense of distance between religion and politics created modern Turkey.

Like Ryoma Sakamoto in Japan, even in TurkeyMustafa KemalpasaA hero named Acts was active.

It became the predecessor of the present TurkeyOttoman EmpireWas a powerful nation that would dominate the Balkan Peninsula, the Middle East and North Africa during the peak period. From the end of the eighteenth century, such glorious eternity will continue to decline due to the south of Russia, the independence war of Greece, ethnic problems of the Balkan Peninsula. While fighting against the defense battle while being told that it was "a moribund sick person", although it managed to advance modernization somehow, it collapsed in the defeat of the First World War on the allied side. Still, the forces that wish to survive the Ottoman Empire permit the occupation of the Allied side where the country only leaves the central part of Anatolia. It was a revolutionary force with Mustafa Kemalpasa as a leader who came up to the crisis of such a national division. The revolutionary forces repel the invading Greek forces, get popular support, and abolish the Ottoman government. We negotiated with the Allied Powers and established the Treaty of Peace in the form of the current Turkish territory and then established the Republic of Turkey leading to the present age.

Mustafa Kemalpasa, who became the first president of the Republic of Turkey, aims to modernize by Westernization, shifting the notation of Turkish from Arabic to Latin, the calendar from Islamic calendar to Christian era, and implementing bold reforms. Under such reform, Islam was separated from politics. Mustafa Kemalpasa who struggled with the establishment of modern Turkey is still respected by Turkish citizens even as a national father. Many points common to the Meiji Restoration in Japan and the difficulties that Turkey took on the back of Europe are probably considerable. As one of the few countries that did not become Western colonies in Asia, you should not be alone with an affinity. During the Meiji eraElturu distress caseAnd Turkish Airlines' cooperation in the escape of Japanese people under the Iran-Iraq war have become a hot topic on the Internet.

Mustafa Kemalpasa as if it embodied a strong leader

Bronze statue of Mustafa Kemalpasa

When I arrived from Georgia, I was surprised at the road that was maintained. The two-lane road along the Black Sea will not rush into the center even if it reaches the street. General road was maintained on the inside, and it became a flow of smooth traffic. Although prices have increased, a supermarket appeared on their behalf. Super representative of Turkey "BIMIn the whole land3921 storesIt is momentum to expand the Spanish "DIA" to withdraw. It seemed to have developed as much as Spain and Greece which hosted the Olympic Games at the same time.

The road with two lanes on one side like highway, road shoulder was wide and it was easy to run by bicycle.

Tunnel with a length of 3820 m

Cycle shop of Istanbul, bike shop street. Shimano top grade XTR parts are also available.

A garbage truck that was doing a strange way

Turkey aims to become a member of the EU as Europe. The World Cup qualifying is also fighting in the European group. But the sameTurkic ethnic groupsAs Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan are well-connected with Asia, there were Turkish supermarkets in the area as well. The words of these countries are similar to Turkish. And as Islam, economic exchanges with neighboring Iran and Iraq are active. Former President Bush in IraqThrown shoesEven Turkey was made. If you hold the Olympic Games in Istanbul you will be able to demonstrate a further presence to the world.

Additional notes:
When Charadannman wrote this article, the venue for the 2020 Summer Olympics was not yet decided. In addition, at the 125th IOC General Assembly held in Buenos Aires on September 7, 2013, the venue for the 2020 Summer Olympics is "Tokyo"We decided to.

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