The Greek crisis feels even under the peaceful blue sky without demos or strikes

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis.Economic crisisThe news from Greece has been drawing attention from around the world since it was made a noise. Just the other day I called for approval or disapproval saying "We will rebuff the Greek relief plan by the euro participating countries. I traveled that Greece in March of 2010. On the surface it is the same as developed countries, but I felt a strange atmosphere in it. The city was dirty due to maliciousness of graffiti, and there was a barrack shop in the suburbs, I was shocked. Even under the peaceful blue sky where demos and strikes did not occur, there was a Greek crisis that seems to be news.

First I entered Chios, Greece, from chessmen near Izmir in Turkey. I will cross from Turkey to Greece by boat, but the land is not 10 km away if it is a nearby place. It also took a ship from Chios Island and took overnight to the capital city of Athens. Greece has many islands in the Aegean Sea, and ships are an important means of domestic transport. The Greek ship was huge than any ship he had ever had. The parking space on the bottom was wide enough to play soccer, and there was also a parking space as large as above.

Greek gigantic ship connecting the Aegean Sea.

Tourism is in Greece as an important industry. I also went sightseeing in Athens.

AcropolisOn the hill ofTemple of Parthenon.

There was a statue that made me feel the weight of history.

The national flag of Greece being listed.

I also saw an amphitheater.

View from the hill of Acropolis in the city of Athens.

The building is painted white to avoid strong sunlight. The city of Athens overlooking the Acropolis hill looks like a white sand beach and it was very refreshing.

It is not fresh but the city of Athens. I felt the uneasy air of Greece that caused economic crisis there.

Signs of tourist information are stained.

I was walking and moving, but I did not like graffiti but I got it.

The glass window of the elevator which gets underground is hurt.

The place where the shop is folded down and the shutter is lowered is a good target and graffiti.

Not only in the capital city of Athens, even the bus stops in the countryside are dirty. There were many such graffiti in Greece, and it was a bit stuffy.

Another scenic view of Athens is that there are pillars by Arab and African people. Unique walkingOversized lighterA person selling the product came near, or was wiping the window of the car waiting for the signal, and unfamiliar spectacle spread out. Even though they are doing for their lives, I do not want to get involved too much. After Greece we went all over Europe, but there was no noticeable spectacle as Athens. When I enter Africa, there are many similar people. Like other European countries immigrants were prominent in Greece. However, it will be difficult to get a regular job in the unemployment rate exceeding 15%.

Even in the living environment Greece was dissimilar.

There is no problem in the center of the capital city of Athens.

Rural streets were also normal.

However, I saw the settlement of the barracks cabin in the suburbs of the local city.

There was a different color space isolated from society.

On the surface of Greece is developing unchanged from developed countries such as Germany and France.

Shin-Etsu district if it says in Japan.

Even such mountains are passing high-speed highways using high bridges and tunnels.

And prices are also developed countries.

Hamburger plate of 7.65 euros, which I ate at a fast food store. As I traveled in March 2010, 1 euro was about 125 yen, so I will do 950 yen with this.

The McDonald's Big Mac set is sold for 5.7 euros (about 700 yen), the toast at 340 g at the supermarket costs 0.82 euro (about 100 yen), the plate chocolate bought at the shop is 1.3 euros (about 160 yen), sold at the gas station Coca-Cola's 1.5 liter plastic bottle was 2 euros (about 250 yen), and the price in Greece was fairly high. Even now, 1 euro is settled at around 100 yen, but if you spent 160 yen on 1 euro as you recorded a while ago you would not have traveled.

Greece who has been developing by joining the European Union and the common currency Euro. It does not look like there are strong industries in the world like Germany and France. Speaking of Greek products seen in Europe, it was "canned peach". It may be that such a reasonable development has created distortion as graffiti, immigrant peddler, barrack hut. There was a strange atmosphere in Greece.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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