Mexico was a dangerous country as the rumor "Shura no kuni"

Mexico is in the 2-chan neighborhood "Shura no kuniAlthough it is described as "It is said, even when traveling actually it felt that way. The scenery where Mohawk and shoulder pads come to mind is also a thriller .... Although only conflict by drug organization and security authorities is often taken up, it does not feel that there is an absolute difference in rich and poor at the root. At the other side of poverty there is also a side of "rich Mexico" with a huge supermarket like America and a convenience store open 24 hours like in Japan. How much do you know about Mexico participating in TPP as well? In Mexican shops customers are treated like thieves, so bags and luggage are to be deposited.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. Mexico was a particularly dangerous country in my trip.

◆ Economic development

There are various supermarkets in Mexico, sticking a competitor's super receipt to the price tag, "I am cheaper than that supermarket" this product was seriously fighting. Even that Walmart is subject to comparison. Although only large supermarkets were conspicuous, there are mini supermarkets which made convenience stores a little larger on the Yucatan peninsula. Shops such as shoes and stationery were chained, and the same name had spread all over Mexico. At the drugstore, we handled food as well as in Japan. If there are a lot of convenience stores, if there was nothing near the gas station in the neighborhood it seems like an oasis. We are losing the bustle of the market, and it supports the lives of the common people. Fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables are cheaper than supermarkets. There is also a "4 pesos shop" equivalent to a Japanese 100 yen shop in a store where commodities and price tags line up through the show window, and the everyday life in Mexico is full of things It was.

"Liverpool" is a large department store.

"Coppel canada" was also like a department store, but there are stores in small towns throughout Mexico. It is not a luxury route.

US capital "Walmart" also in Mexico all over.

There is also a chain store such as "Sam's Club" warehouse type supermarket which Walmart develops, "Costco" which is also entering Japan, and "City Club" of local Mexico.

"Bodega Aurrera" is also a supermarket operated by Walmart. It seems like "Seiyu" in Japan.

"SORIANA" in Mexico capital, the group develops more than 500 shops throughout the country.

A supermarket system that collects money into a pipe next to the register and collects it into one place is put into Mexico.

A super market called "Santafe" that was in the northern part of Mexico.

Mini super in Yucatan peninsula.

"Elektra" is an electric store. There are shops throughout Mexico.

Drug store.

The market is also in the market, people are overflowing.

In small towns, there were more people shopping around the market than supermarkets.

In the market.

Colors of vegetables and fruits.

Shop window.

Many items were listed.

Shop for 4 pesos (about 31 yen) equivalent to the Japanese 100 yen shop. There were also 3 pesos (about 23 yen) shops in Mexico City.

"OXXO" expanding over 9000 shops throughout the country is a giant in the convenience space.

I often saw "extra".

Area such as Mexico City and Yucatan Peninsula was limited, but also "Seven Eleven".

In fast food, "McDonald" and "Subway"

There was also "Burger King".

A group of antennas at the top of the hill. 4G is also starting in Mexico.

In the agriculture-rich Sinalaroa state, I was spraying agricultural chemicals on small aircraft.

Meter of electricity rate is digital type.

◆ Infrastructure development

There was a subway under the mesh of eyes in the center of Mexico City with population exceeding 9 million people.

A symbol mark at each station together with local Fukuoka.

Regardless of the distance, the subway costs 3 pesos (about 23 yen).

Planetarium is on the transfer route of transfer.

Somehow romantic.

The bus station is also in good condition.

The main road of Mexico City which is wide as wide as this.

The highway covers the whole of Mexico. Puebla in one million cities smoothly circumvented.

However, the drainage of the city is not good and it will rain if it rains, and the road is flooded.

Overall infrastructure was in place, but we can not drink tap water. The local people were buying a huge bottle of water.

◆ Behind the development

Looking only at these developments, it is the same as developed countries, but it is Mexico that patrolling soldiers with machine guns patrol the city. Unlike Turkey and Eastern Europe where per capita income was comparable, I felt the air that made it tingling.

At the border with the United States actively advertise "Insurance".

At first glance it is a beautiful house, but windows and doors are covered with iron bars.

I wonder if the cheapest television will also be stolen?Nishi no yadoI also wrote an article, but flat liquid crystal TV was exposed. On the contrary "Because it comes out for a while, leave the keys when you leave" is Japan.

"The crime will increase if you leave the broken window"Cracked window theory"There is a word. It seems there are pros and cons, but I do not like places with bad air. The malice of graffiti spread to Mexico.


To the shutter.

Go up to the roof.

Just out of the Mexico City center inn.

Graffiti continues along the height of a person.

I do not want to enter even if the door opens.

It is ruins if there is nothing, but it is dangerous atmosphere with graffiti.

A building that is likely to live even with demons.

Scribble to the window of the bus.

This bus stop is also like this.

I can not see the sign.

I can not admire Mexican people's manners about garbage. A worker who had come to clean the trash can (drum can) in the service area of ​​the expressway lost the word by throwing it away far without collecting the garbage scattered around. Cans are thrown away with a pom pom also from a running car. Would you grow up watching these kind of things, if you think that pretty little girl from about 3 to 4 years old came out from the shop, poke sweets on the roadside. The city is basically dirty.

I have a garbage box ......

In the suburbs of the city.

Mexico is the lowest in terms of transportation manners compared to Canada and the United States. I will go straight ahead on the right end of the right-hand traffic with a bicycle, but if you overtake and do not hold hair and turn right, I will collide. I am afraid if I am driving in Japan by TPP participation.

And posters of missing people who were set up at the bus terminal in Mexico City.

Kidnapping for ransom for Japan isOverseas safety websiteAttention is also urged.

◆ The gap between rich and poor

It began in 1910Mexican Revolution, The 1968 Mexico Olympics held, in 1994North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)The difference between rich and poor from Mexico's history has not changed in any way. Statistical average per capita income is high, but since the gap between rich and poor is severe, most people seemed to live at lower income.

High-rise building in the Pacific coastal resort of Mazatlan.

Cancun of Yucatan Peninsula is also a resort.

Mexican Gulf Velacruz 's gorgeous central.

Is this house like a house where ordinary people live?

Is it the public housing that the house of the same shape lasts?

Here is the season.

Under construction.

This rural settlement looks peaceful.

But in another place, also the settlement of the barracks cabin.

A house that I can not rely on because I see it.


Tulum of the Yucatan peninsula where there was an old house with a throwing in a fine building of reinforced concrete.

I encountered a road blockade demonstration in northern Mexico at the end of 2012. Greek, Italian, French, Spanish and Latin European traditions have also been handed down to Mexico. It was not a feeling of tension, and bicycles made me go sideways, and the closing was over in a short time.

Under blockade.

The tracks that are stuck.

I posted some posters.

I was involved in the poverty of Mexico, and while I was not aware of it in cheap cash, cash was dumped and I was robbed of digital camera and watch while driving. The security of Mexico I wrote so much still looks like Mashi compared with Guatemala, where security guards with shotguns are set up.

Since Mexico itself has developed so much, I would like you to proceed to make the whole more happy ... .... Although Veracruz of 1924 had been completed to this extent. Evolution still does not extend to the whole.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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