In Colombia I also felt the overall strength in "difference of rich and poor"

Mafia, narcotics, murder, kidnapping, if it is now, the image of Mexico may be strong, but about the sameColumbiaThere are also a lot of people who think of it. The security situation was the worst in the world at the end of a long civil war, and in the past it was impossible to imagine traveling in Colombia. However, recent government has put efforts into security measures, and many tourists are visiting Colombia. Because it is such a situation, myself also started in South America from Colombia.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. "The difference of rich and poor" is also said to be the cause of the civil war, but as far as I travel, there is not such a terrible impression. It is not an advanced country, but a different view from developing countries has spread to Colombia.

◆ Medellin
In Medellin, Colombia's second largest city, high-rise skyscrapers and residential areas of the poor co-existed. Medellín's city traffic runs as a valley in the north and south, and several ropeways operate in the mountain east and west. Since I was interested, I went to the station with the highest altitude at the ropeway. I intended to go through if it was dangerous, but the same atmosphere as the city I have ever had. I'm going to walk a little after getting off the station as "I'm OK." The place where unreliable houses assembled with bricks lined up was lively, with a sense of life. The shops are also ordinarily lined up. I do not want to get in touch with dangerous eyes, so I have not seen places that are not popular.

Medellín city which spreads to the valley floor.

A group of skyscrapers lined with nyokinogi.

There are many high-rise buildings and there are many quiet areas of greenery.

The railway of city transport connecting Medellín to the north and south seems to be a developed country.

I switched from the railroad to the ropeway running up the mountain slope.

It is carried in a gondola like this.

"Santo Doming" station is the end point of this line.

A huge device moved.

The view from the station. The town is also spreading on the slope of the mountain on the other side.

A city in the valley floor where you can see even thin in the back of a row of houses.

House of bricks built along the slope.

Townscape full of life sense.


A little downtown. I ate lunch in this restaurant.

Mural painting.

Horse unit.

Bus terminal which is not flat.

A bus that runs as if to slip steeply.

Because it is a slope, rainwater will also flow vigorously.

Look over the slope from above the gondola of the ropeway.

It is also described as a slum area, but the usual columbia city is like this.

Roughness is conspicuous when looking closely, but still I felt there was a normal life there.

There is also a cycling road near Medellin's Centro.

Commercial area bustling with people.

In the downtown area of ​​Medellin, the artist from this land "Bodero'S works are on exhibition.

His art is expressed in a chubby appearance. A lot of unique statues were lined up.

◆ Other cities
With the fixed idea "difference of rich and poor", I felt that when I got off to the capital Bogotá. The center where old high-rise buildings are standing as if time has stopped. Just start running and you will see a country named Colombia. When I headed from Bogota to Medecin, I had to climb the Andean mountain range, but a proper house was built in any rural area. Electricity is running, there seems to be a TV. In Colombia, like Central America, I did not see the sight that the houses of Tin and Tin were lined up. Even Medellin, I received the impression that "Even if I am poor, life will be established." There was knowledge such as 'poor people who support the left wing guerrilla' in the Colombian civil war, but will the situation change if it is a remote place away from the trunk line?

Cathedral of the capital city Bogota (cathedral)


Centro in Popayan, which had been arranged in white, looks like Europe.

The Centro Plaza was like a forest.

An urban area of ​​the past (Pasto) spreading in the basin beyond the pass. Until then, there were only mountains, but suddenly this scene appeared.

The centro of the past which will be about 2500 m in altitude. It is a different world from the mountains of Andes.

The border city with Ecuador is Ipiales

Ipiares's Centro. Even though the altitude is about 2900 m, over 100,000 people live.

The houses lined up along the ridge road.

When going up to Medellin, the town called Cocorna is under my eyes. There was a distance of about 3 km from the road.

The town of Santuario that came out after Cocorna is along the main line. If it became town level, Columbia was the easiest to travel with all the cheap hotel and dining hall.

Also along the ridge, private houses line up.

After crossing the pass, it passes through the city of Pereira in central Colombia.

It is a town called Chachagui with an altitude of about 2000 m which I stayed at southern Colombia. Because the town of the grid is stuck on the slope, it was hard to walk.

A small town named Tangua just before Ipearez.

Even if you look back in the picture, the houses in every city are averaged.Like Mexico, There is no scenery where concrete and the thief house stand side by side. It seemed that Mexico was more wider than Colombia, whether wealthy or poor.

In Colombia I did not feel desperate poverty, but security is not much different from dangerous Central America. A shop that exchanges through a cage. To those begging to see in the streets, some broken people who sound bizarre. It was also everyday to collect money by showing acrobatics such as juggling against the car that stopped the signal at the intersection. Although the civil war is about to end, it is also a scary point that the number of crime cases is still high.

At the end of Colombia, I went to see the church in the outskirts of Ipiarez.

"Las Lahas church" also called the world's most beautiful. It is just Sunday, so I was doing Mass (worship). Because it is a religious zealous country, it is crowded with locals.

The angle from the bottom.

Angle from above. A church built to protrude from the bottom of the valley.

◆ Colombian strength
I think that countries with active economies such as China and Kenya have more cheap accommodation. It is the reason that the price of the inn is lowered because many locals stay. Conversely Senegal and East Timor were hard. From the experiences of this trip, the enhancement of the cheap hotel in Colombia is outstanding. It is natural that it is in a town of a certain size, it is a village suddenly, and a place has emerged in places where there is nothing nearby and it was saved. The same thing can be said to the cafeteria. The food situation in Colombia,Last articleAlthough I was allowed to eat, the canteen was rich as well as the inn, so it was saved. While running I felt the television was amazing to a normal private house, but the cafeteria where people gathered is an LCD TV. With these feelings, I will try to summarize the powerful points of Colombia.

An accommodation that also serves as a dining room that I stayed at a village in Andes.

On the top of the pass there was a petrol station and an inn that also served as a dining room. The inn brings in Wi-Fi.

It was the same as the cafeteria, but there are always food styles with "cattle, pigs, chickens". This will also be proof that it is established from production to distribution.

Three kinds of "cattle, pig, chicken" are drawn also at the butcher.

There is a toll gate on the road, and a toll is collected. The amount is also 7000 pesos (about 350 yen) for ordinary cars and the amount equivalent to one meal in Colombia. However, the bike can escape without paying from the right side. Also a bicycle. The mechanism that the burden was different between the car and the motorcycle was well done, too.

There was also a section with bad roads, but if it was a section that was maintained, this asphalt is comfortable.

Police and military inspections were conducted on the road as part of security measures.

Commercial district of Bogota that was vibrant.

It is full of lots of things.

Cycle sports are also a thriving country, and as soon as the weekend, many road racers will climb the mountain. The cycle shop was also fulfilling in Colombia.

Parts of Japanese manufacturers such as Shimano and Cat Eye.

When I was hanging around the streets, I found parts, such as liquid crystal and foundation, sold at mobile accessory shop.

Even if something happens, they will repair themselves, do not they?

Although supermarkets were popularized normally, there was even a warehouse-type hypermarket like Costco that got overwhelmed.

Because it was not a membership system, I could also shop myself. this"ALKOSTO"When I examine it, I develop stores in various parts of Colombia.

Speaking of Colombia, coffee is also famous.

Everyone is drinking. There was free coffee in the cheap hotel as well.

Coffee beans from Nescafe are Colombian.

Such Colombian coffee was made with such a slope.

Not limited to coffee, Colombian agriculture is serious. A mountain like patchwork.

To cultivate such a place.

A road like a lightning strike made on the slope.

The strength of Colombia is also represented in currency pesos. Wikipedia's "PesoIn the item of

Although depreciation is noticeable due to chronic inflation, it is a currency that has never experienced denomi since its introduction in 1810 as its own unit.

There is a description. Denomination that omits the digits of numbers that grew big by inflation is done in most countries in South America. Ecuador is changed from Sucre to US dollar, Brazil is changed from Cruzeiro to Real and also the currency itself is changed. Denomi was held in Venezuela in 2008 in recent years. If you compare in this way, Colombian peso strength stands out.

◆ Colombian people
Men who were excited at the cafeteria at the top of the pass.

The local cyclist who got along well at the top of the pass (about 2450 m) that passed Medellin. It seemed to be coming to work as it is Sunday.

The car with the off-road motorcycle stopped ......

One piece at the side of the road. I caught a Scottish character, south of South America, and ran for a while.

With local people at the town where we stayed in front of the cali. Someone jokingly said a man with a red shirt "Morales (president of Bolivia)" and it burst out laughing. Besides, he is an Ecuadorian man, so what is something like that. It was a fun time.

A boy in a restaurant that had a meal. Because I let you take pictures on my mobile phone, I am one sheet too. When asking "Whose cell phone is it?", I am surprised to say "I am yourself".

Young people who were swimming with box wine at birthday party. It is okay to come up but do it when you do it. My feelings that told that "Colombia was a nice country" is not a lie.

Despite being sandwiched by anti-American leftist nations of Venezuela and Ecuador, I imagined a society where the American-type rich and poor were intensely involved in attitude towards the parent rice, but when I actually traveled It was not terrible feeling until. Because there are people who use money, it is the fact that even poor people can get food, which is troubling me in the balance between economic development and inequality correction in whatever country. In South America, it has a population of about 45 million after Brazil, so it is a hot eyes sent from overseas. Actually Mexican capital convenience store "OXXO (OXO)I am also landing. Now that the civil war is over, I want you to take a good balance and move on to further development.

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