Iran, Turkey, Arab countries I learned about traveling and Islam

It is a figure that grows on chatter while pinching sweet things while drinking chai (tea). The cafe in the city was a hangout for my uncle. Only extreme news such as the weekly magazine 'Sharry Ebud' raid incident in France's capital city Paris and the Japanese hostage murder incident by the so-called Islamic nation will flow, but the daily life of the Islamic world is really calm . They are kind to the cat ... ....

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. As Algeria, Libya and Saudi Arabia are hard to obtain visas, they have been traveling to Iran, Turkey, Arab countries, although they are separated by delimiters. It is a place to disturb the world somewhat, but there are facts that you can not see it unless you actually step in.

◆ Everyone was not an Arabian
Before going on a trip, from North Africa to the Middle EastMuslim (Muslim)I could not distinguish clearly about the nation. Actually traveling, Iran is a Persian, Turkey is a Turkish, Arab countries have a clear boundary between Arab and ethnic groups. Even if asked if there were physical features, I can not distinguish it. Even though I am traveling, I may be able to distinguish them as local people so that they can be generally distinguished from Japanese, Korean, Chinese.

Iran (Persian)

Turkey (Turkish)

Jordan (Arabs)

There were people in Turkey and Iran who made mistakes with people in Europe. Meanwhile, dark bearded people of Mojamoja are also living in brown skin, sharply thick eyebrows, which is the image of the Arab people I hold. In Arab countries, though, there were many people close to my image in Egypt and Morocco, there are others who are unlikely to spoke English in Jordan unintentionally, and I do not know exactly what Arab people are It was. When I moved West Africa down to Mauritania, more people were darker.

A woman has a distinctive facial expression. I also thought that it was close to Latino Europeans such as Greece and Italy.

◆ The word being spoken and the letter being used
In Japan, including East Asia and Southeast Asia, you do not have to speak other than the language of each country. Even while traveling on the site, I remembered the local language, Chinese and Thai language. I remembered Turkish in Turkey and Persian in Iran.

As this was the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, we could talk in English in the Moroccan and Tunisia and in French as in the language of the former religious country so we did not learn Arabic in Arabic countries. While respecting those who can freely control bilingual languages, the current situation that words do not become a wall can be seen as a factor impeding economic development. I felt that the division and ruling by European powers, which occurred during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, is fostering the soil that could be an enemy of the West.

Many people who work from South Asia are migrant, Oman is often written in Arabic and English.

A magazine in French that was published in Tunisia.

Turkey is alphabet, but Iran is a Persian character and Arab countries used Arabic letters. Persian characters and Arabic letters like hit waves are not decipherable, and it is troubled if there is only this notation. I also write sentences from right to left, so it is a strange feeling from a Japanese.

McDonald's Donalds who have no idea what they are talking about.

Not only letters, but also the notation of numbers is unique.

As in Japan, Persian characters, Arabic letterscalligraphyExisted, and it was enough to breathe in the work which can also be called art.

◆ People who believe in Islam
Muslims are believed in vast areas across Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, North Africa and the Balkans. A mosque with a domed roof in the form of an onion comes into your eyes, letting you know five worship services a dayAzanWhen I heard it, I realized that I came to the Islamic area. The figure of putting his head on the ground in fear of worship is also an answer to their lives and deaths, and for me who has not answered yet, it seemed to receive a question for life.

The King Abdullah Mosque in Jordan, where the blue dome attracts eyes.

The mosque was also in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Representing Istanbul in TurkeySultan Ahmet MosqueBeautiful enough to be embarrassed.

As Muslims have to clean their limbs before worship, the mosque has such a washroom. When I was visiting at a shrine in Japan, I was similar to rinsing rinses by washing my hands with a ladle.

As a result of this, even in a cheap lodgage toilet / shower in a Muslim area, there is a washbasin in the room.

An airport prayer room established for daily prayers.

From Saudi Arabia where it is obliged to go out in full black dress, up to Turkey where separation of religion and religion is thorough and scarf is not necessary, correspondence to women varies from country to country. The advertising signboard of Tunisian antiperspirant was shocking as the woman's side was clearly shown. Many countries have freedom to drive cars, scarf girls are looking at the steering wheel of the car at the same time looking at it and seeing it.

Iranian women who covered their whole body with black chaddle.

The scarf is also a colorful girls' association in Tunisia.

◆ State called Palestine
Regarding the nation of Israel made by Jews, despite the fact that a lot of years have passed since the foundation, it was held last yearInvasion of GazaIncluding it, the current battle still does not persist. It was a Palestinian perception that the Arab people who spend in the occupied territory of Israel are people. However, when visiting the site, even in the Israeli country, the Arab people live. It is also an Israelite. In Israel, not only Hebrew but also Arabic notation was common.

A house in Jerusalem built on the hill.

Holy land of the Jews "Mourning Wall"Muslim holy place"Rock DomeJerusalem coexists.

And since it is not recognized by Japan, I did not recognize it, but 135 countries of the United Nations member countries acknowledge Palestine as a nation. It is said to be the provisional capital of PalestineRamallaWhen I visited the Jordanian embassy to get my visa in, I noticed the treatment as one state. Japan is not an embassy in Palestine but "Ramalla Business Travel Office (Ramallah Japanese Government Representative Office)"Is set up.

While most countries in the Arab countries, Africa, Asia and Latin America, including Jordan, approve Palestine as a nation, countries called so-called developed countries with the United States, Canada, Australia, European countries, Japan and Korea have Palestine as the nation I do not admit it. Palestinian state approval is based on Wikipedia's "International recognition of the State of PalestineIt is gathered in the page called "It is.

This is the town of Ramalla which spreads on the hill.

A lively city center.

Even though Muslims occupy a majority of places, I was surprised to celebrate Christmas normally.

A poster appealing for the removal of the separation wall. While peaceful everyday life is running, hostility towards Israel can also be seen.

◆ Country with Kebab and Chai
Both Iran and the Arab countries are under the control of the Ottoman Empire that the Turkish ethnic groups had, so food culture has much in common. It is a baked dish of stuffed meat cut into a bitekebabI was able to order from many cafeterias in the country. Bread and staple foodNanPlease cut off the meat of Kebab.

Kebab of skewers grilled in Morocco.

Kebab like stick-like hamburger that I ate in Iran's dining room.

Kebab at the restaurant in the Turkish residential area of ​​Cyprus was really balanced with meat and vegetables.

Fools (beans) and breads that came out to the local cafeteria in Jordan.

The bread that acts at the restaurant in Dahab of Egypt is exquisite. In the freshly baked fox hoca, the inside is pallet and the inside is plump.

And they often drink chai (tea).World tea consumptionThe Top 10 Eight Regions in Islamic Areas. The reason for this is probably because alcohol drinking is prohibited by Islamic precepts. In a coffee shop at the corner, only the appearance of a man who talks with chai grass with one hand is conspicuous. I had a homestay in Jordan where I could not find a hotel, but chai came out together for dinner at that time. When the glass seems to be empty, appearance of pouring new tea one after another looks like beer drinking with someone in Japan and it was very interesting. When it is Turkey, Child 's son is walking around the city with glass on the tray.

Chai came out in a coffee shop in Morocco.

A small kettle like that in Japan is a restaurant in Egypt.

Chin glasses often found in Turkey where the constricted parts fit in the hands.

Advertisement of tea raised in the city of Istanbul.

There is also this chai culture, and sweet snacks are rich in the area. When you walk in the market, traditional sweets like Japanese sweets will jump in. Taste sweet candy while drinking chai.

A mini cake you got in Morocco.

In the sweet shop near the inn that stayed in Amman in the capital city of Jordan, there was a hot appearance of the men who make up the queue.

It is a sweet with plenty of sugar, but the cheese is mellow in truck inside. It was an exquisite taste with not only sweetness but also deep feeling, I felt I understood the reasons for popularity.

◆ And I love cats
From the tradition that Muhammad who opened Islam cherishes cats, we often see the appearance of cats in Arab countries. "44 pictures of healed cat found at travel destinations around the worldAlthough I also introduced it in the article of Tunisia, there were all cats. Turkey also has a lot of cats in the port city Istanbul where the sea breezes blow through so you can be healed.

Fame famous as Indie Jones' location locationPetraCat catching the ruins of the cat.

There was a cat on the Sinai peninsula in Egypt too. If I was eating something, I ran over and came in for food, "Nya Nya". In Egyptian mythBastetoThere seems to be a cat god called so, so I am looking forward to the capital city of Cairo.

The cats in Istanbul in winter were full of fat and pleasant appearance. A cat is a story that it accumulates fat in winter and survives the cold.

It is said that there are many nationalities in many countries, but in Iran, Turkey and the Arab countries seems to be an idiot for the oriental people, and experienced repeatedly becoming uncomfortable just walking. And if you are a foreigner thinking that you can deceive, there were many things that were boring. Even if you buy a canned juice, it is natural that foreigners and local people have different prices. In Jordan who stayed until recently, I became distrustful human beings.

On the other hand, it is a fact that it is kind to a traveler. In the area, I had dinner several times and I stayed overnight at home. The act of trusting strange travelers and inviting them to their homes is next to danger if you change their perspective. That is why I can not forget what I took care of. After finishing the trip, there are several people who have to send a report.

Many news jumped in, but I wanted to tell you the fact I saw, so I wrote an article that summarizes Iran, Turkey and Arab countries.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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