44 pictures of healed cat found at travel destinations around the world

Tunisia was an irresistible country for cat lovers. When walking in the city, it seemed that the local people saw the appearance of the cat everywhere, sometimes were given milk, and also to the local people. Not only in Japan, cats live all over the world.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ CharridermanHe is a cat schooler than a dog. Barking, unlike a dog that is somewhat hostile to me and chasing, cats are nice not to hurt. If I were chasing the appearance of such cats, I could take pictures like this. Especially this year, I have met many cats.

◆ in Tunisia
Among the countries I visited, it was the best cat rate. I have few places visited by the capital Tunis, Carthage ruins, Sousse, but if I still walk in the streets I will catch a cat. I opened IslamMuhamandThere was also an anecdote that he liked cats, and cats were carefully treated in Tunisia in the Islamic area. Conversely, since a dog is considered an unclean creature, it is rare to see that figure.

Hello during the walk.

Kitten is playing.

I'm going to sow it, but it is too sweet to be photographed behind.

A cat under the desk.

Looking into the hidden place in a small place ... ....

Feeling rugged to say "Please let me release".

This cat was bait at the restaurant. Even though it was a dog in South America.

Try staring directly in front of you.

Dignified profile.

It is also lying unprotected in the streets.

Together with the kitten.

I say that this loveliness.

You can easily find a cat as you are walking in the city.

In an appearance watching with eyes wide open ......

If I had taken many pictures, I was played by my child.

It seems that the locals are being misled by this place too.

Just cats are usually wild, so they are vandalizing garbage.

The back trying to sneak into the shop.

◆ In the Middle East and the Mediterranean
In May this year they toured with the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Cyprus and MaltaBackpacker's journeyBut, surprisingly I encountered a cat. I can live even in hot places.

United Arab Emirates: Two animals near the canal of Dubai.

Oman: I am trying to catch a trash can, making a bad face.

Oman: Cross the gaps in the window.

Oman: Black Cat.

Oman: I was drinking licking water.

Oman: At the reception desk in the tourist area Nizwa castle.

Qatar: It looks dissatisfied with being taken.

QatarA kittens like an angel.

Bahrain: One piece at dusk.

LebanonIt seems that you are relaxing.

Cyprus: Yawn on the beach loud yawn.

Cyprus: Even in North Cyprus where Turkish residents live, the cat was treasured.

Malta: If you set up the camera, you will escape at once in a funny way.

Malta: The nape that felt elegance.

Malta: Even in the main street full of tourists, I was taking a sunny day.

◆ In various parts of the world
Even in the countries I have visited so far, I have taken pictures of cats.

Indonesia: In a corner of the athletic street.

Turkey: Asia and Europe intersectIstanbulIt is also a cat spot. It was also a port town, and there were many cats in town.

Turkey: This tea cat is also in Istanbul.

Bulgaria: Short limbs are also cute.

Ukraine: Cat 's stamina never caught on a high place.

France: "Hot Nyan" and a figure that lies on a heater and has no hail.

France: It gets rolled and sleeps.

Mexico: Slow asleep unprotected.

PeruAt the eaves of a shop.

Chile: I was playing with each other in a cheap hotel.

Argentina: Cats sometimes stretch their feet and sleep.

Like this, cats and humans shared living in various parts of the world. If you look out overseas, you will be healed in the everyday life of cats. If you are a cat lover, I recommend Muslim areas such as Tunisia and Istanbul.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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