I think that I am receiving countless kindness in Iran, want me to show my presence without having nuclear weapons

Hello. Bicycle around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. Recently,IranDo not you see the news about? The whole world is paying attention to American military attacks accompanying allegations of Iran 's nuclear development.

Iran is treated as a bad guy, but it is a country where Japanese can travel normally. I have met many people in the running for a month. "If you do not have a lodging, you came home," I have taken care of my homestay many times. It is a mysterious country. I do not know what will happen, but since I felt I had to tell you about the country called Iran, I will write it. There were Taliban in Afghanistan and Hussein in Iraq, but who is in Iran? For details, click here.

Iran was surprised that the enemy American 'Coca-Cola' was sold normally. On the contrary, there is also Pepsi Cola.

At the same time there is a bottle of beer. But since Iran is an Islamic state it is non - alcoholic.

When talking about an Islamic state, "Secularization and religion"Two of them can not be separated even if it cuts.

Many people will hear the image of desert and wilderness when Iran is heard. It must be a hot, hot country ... but, when I traveled in December, I saw the snow and I have only cold cold memories. When occasionally I entered the inn, I was heating my room. The Caspian Sea coast is rich in vegetation and resembles Japanese countryside views. When I went up from the Caspian Sea coast to the plateau, the dry landscape spread and there was Iran close to the image before traveling. From Turkmenistan via Mashhad (Mashhad), through the Caspian Sea coast, and Rasht (Rasht) Ardabil (Ardavir) and ran to Armenia.

Electric bulletin board displaying "+ 2 ° C" and the current temperature.

The morning when the snow fell, the silver world.

Vast fields.

A lake like the sea, the Caspian Sea.

Capturing green mountains like in Europe

The altitude raised plateau was dry.

Something in the field while drying.

It is a village of the wilderness that may seem to be hot ... ...

It is snowing and it really is cold.

A border with Armenia that was superb.

The city of Iran has a color of Iran. Many signboards written in Arabic were decorated with strange color usage from the Japanese perspective. On the contrary, Iranian countryside has no color. The houses made of bricks are very quiet.

Signs of the sign entering the city. The pattern has a mosque.

This is the mosque you see in the city.

Iran is on the right side.

ClockwiseRound about.

Signboard full of Arabic script.

Back alley of the city.

Toyota sign seen in local cities.

Market of the local city.

A street of a rural village.

It was serious as the road surface was muddy.

It is a sheep movie taken with this rural village.

The sheep that Charriderman met in Iran's rural village

From Japan's viewpoint, we tend to put together Islamic regions in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Middle East, but Iran is not Arab. Unlike Arabs in Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia, Iranian peoplePersianIt is called. I am using Arabic letters together, but Iran's words are not Arabic common Arabic but their ownPersian languageIt is used. As someone spilled, "Arabs have oil only, do not have history", Iranian people have a consciousness that it is different from Arab.

The Iranians were impression that people in the east with a high nose like Europe faced with a person like a dense indigenous person in the West hitting it. Since it is a country of Islam, I thought that all men grew beard, but it is not so. Clothes that cover the body of the woman were casual type like a coat, people wearing whole body black cloth, but it was pretty rare, but there are also people who hide from face to face. To acquire an automobile license, a woman who puts an instructor sideways and carries a lecture on the street was impressive. When I look it up, it seems that women can not drive in Saudi Arabia. Women are working normally in Iran. It is also female to ask for copies, and on the contrary I was confused. And the most impressive thing is the way men and women usually walk hand in hand. There are disciplines of religion such as clothes and sexual discrimination, but society seemed to be normal.

I met many people in Iran. I received an invitation that "I will not let it stay overnight" and have received countless kindness that "If you do not stay, stay here."

At the cycle shop.

At the cafeteria.

Cyclists heading for the race.

English teachers and children who stayed over.

A family that has experience of staying in Japan.

I stayed at the cop's house.

At the cafeteria on the Caspian Sea coast overnight.

Together with my brother in a hot dog.

Families and relatives who took care of several nights.

Dad pretty and lovely lady.

People who enjoy water cigarettes.

The graduate students who let me stay overnight.

Store owner of a shop.

Young people who stopped driving a car.

Energetic evil things.

Here too the car in motion stopped ......

Dad and daughter.

The number of mandarin oranges handed down one after another when running. This is the kindness of Iran.

Iran is an Islamic state. There were always people praying for something at the mosque. I rubbed my head on the floor and I was struck by that figure that seriously prayed for prayers. I can not do it. The place where Iran can reach Islam when conscious of "death" in Iran will be Islam. That is why the Iranians were humble and kind to others. In Japan it is a thin Islam that is familiar, but there are no places that you can relieve so much when traveling. Even if you travel in the same Africa your way of setting up is different between Islam and Christian countries. In Muslim countries you can travel with peace with calmness that is not found in Christian countries.

A festival of Islam was held in Ardabil (Ardavir) who stayed on 24th December.

Participants in the marching festival.


Women wrapped in a black veil.

Islamic Festival Day in Iran

Iran has nuclear weapons. It may be evil if no one has it, but I already have a country I have. You should feel the doubt here that the country you have said "You do not have". If this Iran is a dictatorship state like Iraq or North Korea, there may be reasons to be blamed, but in Iran elections are taking place normally. The president is also the current conservativeAhmadinejadBefore the reformistKhakamiwas. When I traveled, I heard both voices "What do you think about Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the United States that dropped the atomic bomb?" And "Ahmadinejad alone is a mouth". It will be decided by Iranian citizens in any case for reform, if the difference in rich and poor becomes greater, if the economy becomes enriched, how will these problems be different from strangers?Presidential election in 2009Although it may be necessary to monitor international elections, based on the confusion that occurred during the event.

But I can not agree with Iran 's nuclear weapons development. Is not it a way to abandon development here and show that presence to other holding countries in an attitude to give up on abandonment? Then nobody will die.

If it comes to war, many people will die. In Iran, the Parebee administration, which was a parent rice,Iranian RevolutionIt became an anti-American Muslim nation that collapsed and continued to the present. It was done in such a way as to interfere with this Iranian revolutionIran-Iraq War. The war that began with a surprise attack by Iraq was too helpless and put out a lot of dead to Iran under the revolution due to the revolution. It is said that the number of 750,000 people is one million people. When traveling in Iran, a signboard was honored to honor the martyrs in every city as far as being sure to say. I felt so sad that the face I grew that beard was the Iranian who kindly did.

Iran's supreme leaderMr. Hameney

Signs of war dead in Iran-Iraq war.

I do not know how the situation moves from now on, but I do not want this to be a war. There were dictators such as the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hussein in Iraq, but what is in Iran? If America is going to make war, I would like you to clarify that. Iran wishes that I would like to stop the war that may occur from now because Iran is a dead Iran with many people in the war with Iraq.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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