Add-on for Firefox which replaces Amazon's associate link with regular link "I Dislike Amazon Affiliate!"

"Advertisements of Amazon Associates, which are particularly popular in 2ch summary sites etc. When you buy a product by following the link of the advertisement, the person who puts the advertisement as an introduction fee enters the person who advertises it.This addon is a link for Amazon Associate I will replace it with a regular link.This add-on for Firefox with the purpose and function of searching for and doing something to buy the product!I Dislike Amazon Affiliate!"is.

I Dislike Amazon Affiliate! | Firefox addon | Mozilla Japan official add-on introduction site

Go to the above site in Firefox and click "Install"

Click "Accept"

Click "Install Now"

Click "Restart Now"

When I tried it, I surely confirmed that Amazon's associate code disappears as follows.

◆ Example 1:, a tag for individual identification

◆ Example 2:, a tag for individual identification/ Ref = nosim /

◆ Example 3:, a tag for individual identification& Amp; linkCode = XXX & camp = XX & amp; creative = XXXX & amp; creativeASIN = XXXXXXXX

It is quite powerful.

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