Order and responsibility for infinite aid to overseas, what is needed is not "enlightenment" but "dialogue"?

Unfortunately, I can not work as hard as a poorer country. But, if you are able to live with that, no one can blame. We are being forced to aid, just to solve it. The group engaged in overseas aid is "Why in the world everyone in 4 seconds, while sacrificing young lives with poverty", "Why can not do anything, sadness of losing a young life" and recruiting donations by tragedy, why I do not explain what is common about what to do and what to do from now. In developed countries including Japan, the administration changes according to the election, but looking abroad, countries where the administration does not change for more than 10 years are also common. Long term dictatorship such as Libya and SyriaODA (Official Development Assistance)It was introduced.

Hello, Bike around the worldTakuya SAITO @ Chalidermanis. I have been visiting 130 countries for more than seven years in total, but I can not really understand the necessity of foreign aid. For poor countries the distance between people is close and I feel envious that the lives of being surrounded by children are enviable. It might be a hard time to live if compared with us, but what they manage to manage is the essence of the problem. We should not be blamed but we are not living in Japan.

◆ What countries need assistance
Poverty exists with a reason. Prices are cheap, but there are many inconveniences.

In Mexico 's inn, it was hard to know which one has two faucets, which is hot water. They will not do it, although you can see at a glance if you mark them. In the guinea 's inn, the light bulb has run out. There are no preparations, no matter how much we wait. When I tried to borrow the light bulb around there, it finally moved. Orange shoes that I ordered at the Burger King in Jamaica came out in 20 minutes. Although certainly an order was established, the work does not proceed if the movement of an employee without sharpness is done. People in poor countries will not work and inefficiency will be noticeable.

Is it cheap so it is a dirty inn, or is it a dirty place so cheap?

I will not do things of course as "garbage is a trash can". If garbage overflows in the city, it will get sick. If you do not have a garbage box, you can make it, and if you separate it, garbage is turned into fertilizer, and combustibles are turned into fuel. This can be done from tomorrow. But it is a matter of people's consciousness not to do it. I can not secure clean water. However, it does not use rainwater effectively. Although the squall fell in Tanzania's inn, the water of the shower that was handed was brown and weak.

The roof of the house next door seen from Mauritania's cheap.

Bamako, the capital of Mali, where garbage is scattered at the roadside.

But, is not it nice? There is no need to make a hamburger in 60 seconds and a beef bowl in one stop.

◆ Local wisdom
"Instructing not to feed fish but fish fishingFor words that are referred to by aid. But, even if you teach an unwilling person, nothing will change. It is wisdom of people living in the area that makes me feel relieved abroad. People in Africa have things on their heads, but they lost their words despite walking while equally arranging small fish and drying them. Aunt who is selling meat on Myanmar's market. A plastic bag containing suspended water serves as a pendulum to pay the flies. The fireplace of the house that I took care of in Georgia in the winter was fueled by cattle manure. I guess I have lived there for a long time.

Chile tried with waste materials.

The padlock of the valuables locker was connected to the chain. After doing this, you will not lose the padlock body after opening the key.

Bicycle child seat is handmade.

If it is in Japan, fishing will come out fully automat- ically in supermarket accounting, and the introduction of self-registration is proceeding as well. When it is a beef bowl, I sit down after purchasing a ticket with a vending machine. While the bowl was being carried from the kitchen on a belt conveyor, people in the hall were doing different work. At the station, with the spread of non-contact type electronic money, we will progress wicket as it flows. Even if I get on the train, after the person who gets off is done. It is not because we are in line to make a society where everyone can live easily.

Convenient tools placed in the post office in Japan.

Explanation of the Wi-Fi connection of the Internet cafe. If it is a cheap hotel in a developing country, I write it on paper, but it is difficult to understand because it is confusing.

If you reduce the weight of the packaging material, the transportation cost will also decrease.

The more developed countries, the better the efficiency of work is devised. When I used a credit card in the US, I got through with payment in about 5 seconds.

◆ Attitude of Change
South Africa has finished Africa's trip. A flight returning to Japan via Dubai, a black woman sitting next to me reached out for a reference book. The more people in the developing country, the more they will study. "Four girls students developed a generator powered by urine"A boy who built a wind power generator that used waste materials by himselfWe will also jump in news such as. It is only the people who live there to change the world.

Even if you actually traveled to the site,
·Sierra Leone in West Africa with gigantic trees and okada, I saw the potential for a bright future in this country being recovered from the civil war
·Making a new country in Rwanda, "tragedy of genocide" to "a miracle of Africa"
·"Central America's Singapore" is also not a dream About Panama which is definitely changing with economic development
And the country that is taking action can feel the change with the skin. No matter how much you make a well or school, it does not start unless people who live there change.

Sierra Leone's excellent hygiene idea.

Rwanda forced to wear a helmet on the bike. It leads to a decrease in the number of people who lose their lives in the accident.

Those who collect the fare at the bus stop in Panama were equipped with such coin holders.

◆ Need for assistance
I asked NPO organizations that raised funds using African young brothers, "Why did not one get bored, another one got born?" And asked by e-mail "Why is it?" It was a reply. "Is not there the option of not being born? Surely, younger brothers will increase further, and further assistance will be required. We are not obliged to nurture children of others who do not produce many children. Yet, many NPOs engaged in overseas aidDonation deductionI indirectly force the burden on the whole.

It is wonderful that there is vitality, but "it supports unlimited support" is also different.

Regarding ODA,Arab SpringIt was also used for long-term dictatorship such as Egyptian Mubarak (30 years) from the popular demonstration, Gaddafi (42 years) in Libya, Ben Ali (23 years) in Tunisia, Salehu in Yemen (33 years) It was. It is not a story to speak out if the people of the country want it. But the longer the regime becomes, the more corruption and corruption will spread? It is a story saying "Is it necessary to help North Korea?" Just recently, a coup occurred in Burkina Faso in West Africa. It will be over 27 yearsCompaireThe administration came down.

ODA is also being introduced into the long-term administration still going on.

· President Karimovu from Uzbekistan → Current position since 1991 (23 years)
· President of Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan → Current position since 1991 (23 years)
· President of Bazir in Sudan → Current position since 1989 (25 years)
· President Museveni in Uganda → Current position since 1986 (28 years)
· President Bongo of Gabon → From 1967 to 2009 (41 years), from 2009 the son is incumbent.

That does not mean that change does not come through, is it really necessary for these countries?

In Malawi, a tendency toward dictatorship was seenFormer president MutarikaEuropean countries will stop assistance. thisAid stop, Due to the decline in the price of tobacco, the main agricultural product,When I visitThe local currency Malawi Kwacha crashed and the economy was confused. Suddenly former President Mutaka suddenly died by a heart attack. Former president Banda, who succeeded,Reduce the sale of government-dedicated machines and their salariesBy doing so, we will improve our relationship with donor countries. Occasionally, such pressure will be obvious.

The children were healthy Malawi.

Even for NPOs or ODAs, it seems that we continue to respond to the situation without asking for responsibility for aid without locating the cause that requires assistance. If it is an environment where children can not be raised, is it necessary to make efforts to increase children? "I repaired the damaged road" ... Then, what will happen next?

A water tower depicting the flag of Japan.

◆ Dialogue instead of enlightenment
Even so, they put emphasis on enlightenment. Do you think that we do not know anything?

recently"I must do something! projectThere is an event calling for understanding of aid to developing countries, that is to say, that it is called developing countries. For operation, the International Cooperation Agency (JICA), an independent administrative agency, was also named. Notable people also participate and seem to be visiting all over the world, but it is doubtful for comments on cheering without hits. It is natural that it is a story saying that he is issuing travel expenses although he has not paid any compensation. Even if asked the secretariat, it was a reply saying, "Travel expenses are not disclosed for each."

What is it that we must manage somehow, not local people?

I must do something! project

The more ODA is examined, the more mysterious it is deepened. Looking into the homepage of a consulting company whose name is raised to the bid, the majority of the business content is overseas projects mainly by the government. It will not be possible for management to do just that, but the ratio of public works is not publicly disclosed, it just makes headlines. A closed world is built that is completed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JICA, NPO, and consulting company. Things that are convenient for the aid will be actively made public, but if it is not so, how should I check it? For example, even if the Overseas Cooperation Volunteer of Japan has died from accident in the place of assignment, nobody knows, unless there is an obligation to make public, neither the cause nor countermeasures will be disclosed, the same thing It may be repeated.

Even if you eat, publish, or stay, everything is reviewed by the private sector and it is now time to review everything. That is why should many opinions be reflected in foreign aid where valuable taxes are put in? For ODA projectsEvaluation report releasedAlthough it is done, it is completed in the closed world and there is no room to put objections.

Project Evaluation | Project · Project - JICA

In the first place, from foreign aid, I made a food company successful in KenyaMr. Yoshiyuki SatoAnd he was a textile factory in UgandaMr. Yuichi KashiwadaI think that businesses with clearly defined interests will lead to local development ... .... It is the bank that plays a role in the outback of Africa,Private mobile carrierWell.

It is because now the consumption tax increase tax is raised in discussion, I wrote such an article. What do you think?

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