I tried to make nut butter such as peanut, pistachio and walnut with "peanut butter maker"

Speaking of foreign peanut butter "SKIPPY"Is famous, but unlike Japanese peanut butter, it is characterized by many things that are not so sweet, as it only makes peanut paste. A dream machine that can make such a full-fledged peanut butter as much as you like at home is a "nostalgia electronics company"Electric peanut butter manufacturer"is. Since it was that it could be made into butter anything if it was nuts, such as pistachio, walnut, macadamia nut, I purchased it actually and tried it.

◆ Photo Review & Assembly

For parallel import goods, peanut butter makers arrived with cardboard with overseas-like seal. It arrived in about a week from the order.


The package looks something like this. I feel the old American atmosphere.

Appearance like a toy.

On the side is written how to make 3 steps.

I confirmed the contents right away.

The contents are like this. As if it looks like a toy, I suspect that it is "a machine to make food?"

Nut Case · Nut Mill · Body · Oil Dispenser · Butter Receiver can be removed, making it washable clean even after use.

Looking at the bottom, it has a solid anti-slip.

The language of the manual is written in English / Spanish / French.

I found a recipe for "Honey peanut butter". There are other recipes of almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachios, soybeans, macadamia nuts, and it seems to be anything but nuts.

Let's wash before butter making.

First of all, attaching a nut mill to the main body ......

Fit the nut case from above. I also put buttery recipients.

If you put the oil dispenser in the hole at the top of the case, it is ready. The logo on "Peanut Butter" drawn on the side is increasing the sense of toy.

◆ Honey peanut butter

Various nut butter can be made, but first try to make peanut butter in orthodox. Required ingredients are crushed no-shell peanuts: 2 1/2 cups, salad oil (canola sunflower oil is also acceptable):Table Spoon2 tablespoons, honey: 2 tablespoons. Since only peanut without shell was found butter peanuts, purchase peanuts.

I peeled peanut shells for 2 1/2 cups. It took me about an hour by three people, so somehow I should get a shellless peanut. The thin skin was removed as much as possible, but it is in a state left a little.

Transfer it to a bag and crush it finely. I tried to crush it as much as the picture of the package.

Next, I threw crushed peanuts in a nut case.

Close the lid ... ....

Set the nuts / guides that will stir the nuts inside the case ... ...

Set an oil dispenser that sucked 2 tablespoons of salad oil.

Peanut butter will come out if you turn on this.

You can check the size of the sound and the appearance of the paste when moving the electric peanut butter maker from the following movie. Please note the volume as the sound is big.

How peanuts are pasted like "Electric Peanut Butter Maker" - YouTube

The awesome sound is ringing but the butter comes out as soon as possible. With this volume, complaints may come at night in apartment houses etc.

If nuts cease to go out, turn the nuts and guides by hand to grind out OK. Rather it is always done turning quickly. Also, when the nut becomes clogged, it will be somewhat smooth if pushing out oil from the oil dispenser, according to the instruction manual the amount of oil will increase or decrease.

Peanut butter is completed in about 15 minutes. It is slightly warm, and the fragrance of peanuts is drifting in the room. A taste of one mouth is exactly the taste that peanuts have just pasted. Since it is butterified by just oil in nut without adding moisture, richness comes with origami.

There are many peanut butter to adjust seasoning with salt, but try to insert honey as recipe.

Transfer it to a container ... ...

I will just knead it.

Since packages containing peanut butter in bread are printed in the package, we prepared a loaf of bread.

I paint as much as you like on bread. Since it does not contain butter, it makes you feel "licking" rather than "painting".

When painting this much ... ...

I will sand it. The fragrance of peanut invites appetite.

When eating, the rich peanut butter to which the sweetness of honey was added is a completely different thing from Japanese-made peanut spread and peanut cream. Because peanut grains are left a little, a crunchy texture is felt, I am impressed by the very authentic flavor with reasonable sweetness. When tasting at the editorial department, there was an opinion that "it is possible to eat as it is while watching a movie" "strong aroma and strong taste" "level that can be displayed at a shop."

Peanut butter which is not so sweet like SKIPPY is delicious to eat with honey and jam, so try checking the compatibility of blueberry jam with homemade peanut butter.

Put the jam and peanut butter in the Ritz and sand. The calorie seems to be quite good, but when you eat it, it's not an exaggeration to say that you can call the saltiness of peppers, mild sweetness of peanut butter, jam's acidity as a combination of gold.

Also, peanut butter: 1 1/2 cup, melted chocolate chip: 1/2 cup, butter (margarine possible): 1/4 cup, powdered sugar: 1/4 cup, vanilla essence:tea spoon1 cup, instant coffee & hot water: a cup of tea spoon, you can also make "chocolate peanut butter".

◆ Cinnamon walnut butter

Next is a cinnamon walnut butter that looks delicious from the name. The necessary materials are crushed walnut: 3 cups, canola oil: 1 to 2 cups of table spoon, cinnamon: 1 teaspoon, salt: one snack, powdered sugar: as much as you like.

Transfer the walnut to the bag ... ...

When making peanut butter it was pretty clogged, so walnuts will crush more finely.

I tried to crush it.

Put the walnut in a nut case ......

Inject oil from the oil dispenser.

Switch on by plugging into the oil case!

Walnut is less moisturized than peanuts, feeling that a mass of melted caramel is falling apart.

It is finished. When eating as it is, the astringency of nuts has pushed out to the front and it is unexpectedly becoming "ha".

Since seasoning was found to be essential, first sprinkle cinnamon. Since the amount is not written in the instruction manual, we will add it in an appropriate amount while watching the appearance.

Salt will taste good so that it is okay even if it is too much.

Powdered sugar should be added with tasting OK.

Since moisture / oil content is small, it is completed if it mixes carefully and it completes.

I decided to eat it by painting it on the Ritz.

Even after painting, it is so rough that it rolls off from the Ritz, but the flavor of walnuts, nuts, cinnamon goes well with sweets. By adding powdered sugar and salt, astringency became inconspicuous. In the editorial department, there were people who rave reviews that "the aftertaste of the mellow walnut is interesting" "It is more delicious than peanut butter!"

◆ Pistachio butter

Although it is a popular pistachio as a snack of liquor, I try to try it by saying, "What kind of taste will it become when it is butter?" The necessary ingredients are: 1 cup of crushed pistachio: canola oil or grape seed oil: 2 to 3 tablespoons, honey: table spoon 1, if necessary water: table spoon 1 to 2 cups .

First of all, it is from the shell-cutting work. Pistachio acquires an act of "taking shells and eating", so it seems like it will eat during work.

Will green beans become like this as they are ...?

As nuts are pulverized by the mill and become pasty, we found that it was better to keep as fine as possible.

Although some individuals remain, they are crushed until about half of them are in powder form.

I feel less when I am in a nut case, but it is the amount as per recipe.

When you turn on the switch, awesome buttery color will come out.

Completion. Although it looks good, I feel the flavor that has not been tasted at all as pistachio is condensed tightly when eating as it is. Originally a sweet nut, so it's enough to eat as it is ....

If you add honey as recipe it should be even more delicious!

If water is not enough, add water and mix. The fragrant scent of pistachio does not accumulate.

First of all, when you try to eat it as it is, the feeling that harmony of pistachio's rich sweetness and saltiness and honey's sweetness are in harmony, the aftertaste of Ak that remained a bit has disappeared. It is the nuts butter which is the most palatable among the three types.

I tried painting it on a grilled baguette and eating it.

When I try to paint, I do not know the appetite in appearance ... ...

Pistachios with strong sweetness and a lot of oil when eating a single mouth, butter and a great correct taste. In the editorial department, popularity enough to have more than one person "Pistachio is No. 1".

From the left, eat compared with peanut butter · walnut butter · pistachio butter. Because none of the taste with different direction is distinctive, because walnut butter was laid in the refrigerator for 1 day, the astringency was considerably reduced. There was not a single butter which "I can not eat it badly", it was in a strong state that divided opinions.

You can taste American atmosphere by painting on pan / ritz or baguette and eating it. It seems that it will be pleasing even at home / party.

In addition, now the price of "electric peanut butter maker" of nostalgia electronics at Amazon is 16,800 yen (tax included) one. It is considerably higher price setting because of parallel imported goods, but there is no doubt that people who like peanut butter can be satisfied if they have one.

Amazon.co.jp: Parallel import by nostalgia electronics [Electric Peanut Butter Maker]: Home & amp; Kitchen

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