Witness the meaning of life by witnessing the sheep being dismantled into meat chunks at the Islamic 'Death'

A red bloody river flows on the dry ground. In Sudan, which overlaps with the important festival of Islam, Eid al-Adha, I witnessed the dismantling of the sheep, which are supposed to be salvation. In front of the gate at the front of the house, it is quickly turned into a mass of meat. The meat of pucks placed in Japanese supermarkets should have such a process of slaughter.


Takuya Shuto @ Chaliderman, who is cycling around the world , has been a backpacker and has not visited countries. Even though science has developed so much, life can not be made from inorganic matter. When I think about that, I am amazed at the wonder that I am alive. It's an animal, it's a plant. I do not want to lose my life and forget that I am alive.

※ 【Reading notice】 According to the article title, the text of the article includes a photograph to disassemble the sheep. The mosaic is applied to the thumbnails, but you need to be careful when browsing.

◆ Kassala
Sudan was an image that there was only a desert, but Kassala had some green. Located in the south of Sudan, near the border with Eritrea. A strange mountain with a huge rock called 'Takasan' is a city of symbols. People who met in Jordan were indebted to work in various ways.

Taka mountain which behaves like a flat area lord. It looks like ' Kata Tjuta ' near Ayers Rock in Australia.

It seems to dry up in the dry season, but the water was flowing in the river because it was rainy season.

◆ sheep city
A little away from the center of Kassala, there was a sheep market for the festivities. I think of a petite individual wrapped in moofmov hair like a sheep, but it is only a large individual that was in Sudan. It seems that one animal will cost 800-1500 Sudanese pounds (about 1000 yen to 18000 yen).

It is said that it is time to write in, and it is full of people.

The sheep gather in one place as if they were pushing their heads.

The sheep seem to hold hands together, but they were dragged around by their owners and had an annoying look.

Here, grab the jaws and never let go.

Many sheep were gentle and gentle eyes.

◆ Dismantling of sheep
The '

Eid al-Adha ' is an Islamic holiday, which takes place on December 10 of the Hijra calendar for four days. It will be the last day of Saudi Arabia's Mecca pilgrimage called Haji , and Muslims all over the world have a festive mode. Muslims who can not go to Mecca will sacrifice an animal as a sacrifice. We dismantle and give to poor thing and cook, and we eat with family and relatives, friend and celebrate this day. In Kassala, Sudan, sheep were alive.

On the morning of the 24th of September, many people gathered for the morning service. The men wear a colorful cloth called 'Jarabia', which gently covers the bare feet, and the women 'Tobes'. Children who are pulled by their mothers and fathers are also tuxedos and dresses, and they are all smiley because they are full of fashion. When the morning service was over, and when the calm of the city came to a breath, a sheep came out on the roadside with a cry of 'Mee ~'.

※ From here onwards, please be careful when viewing as it also includes vivid images such as blood and internal organs.

A sheep whose right leg was pulled and brought.

Let one man cover the sheep.

Grab the front and back legs and turn over.

Turn your body to the side and hold your head down so as not to go wild

Another man also fixes his legs and seals the sheep. Sue knife went in to the neck. Bright red blood comes out of the cut. I thought that sheep were going to go astray as I could not get more hands, and I was squeezed down whether I could not stand up to human arms.

A nape of the neck that seems to come off the torso. Despite this condition, both legs moved for a while and kicked into the dark clouds. Whether you want to breathe, the sound of the air, such as Kahatsu, leaks from your neck.

Fresh red blood was flowing on the ground.

After a while, I can not move even if the roots of my breath have stopped. Unforgettable, open eyes that appeal to something.

From here the man put something like a tube in his back leg and blown air into the sheep.

Then, the body of the sheep swells in a glance.

At the same time, a yellowish liquid came out of the inside.

The body of a sheep, which has become like a balloon. This will make it easier for the skin to peel off.

When the sheep were inflated, they put a knife between the bones of their back legs. Through a rope here ...

It hangs to the gate of the house front.

I peeled off the skin like a shave from the dangling sheep.

The skin will turn like a boiled egg. At one time, this skin could have been used as a water bottle.

It is in a state of becoming naked. When I feel like this, I am hanging out with a butcher in a developing country, so I don't feel uncomfortable.

Oh, but I had internal organs. I will peel off my offspring.

Take blood dripping in the middle of dismantling with a basin.

The viscera that were peeled off feel like this.

Or cut off the bones, change from a knife to a bowl and dismantle. In this way, the parts that become meat are quite limited.

Soon after rest, I used to move the knives one after another with familiar hands.

A sheep with only lower body.

Only one foot.

When everything is dismantled, it becomes only a rope. Thank you for your hard work.

By the way, I was crawling two sheep in one day in this house.

Try the last resistance, hold down the sheep ...

If you hit a knife on the neck ...

Blood blows out at a stretch.

The sad eyes of this sheep are not likely to be forgotten.

On this day, sheep were crawling all over the city. The children are also listening to the situation.

There was also a figure of a child who walks with the skin of a sheep. It is a story that it is donated to the mosque, and the profit obtained there is used for religious activities.

◆ Sheep food
I was invited to a local person with a friend of Kassala, and I was about to feast on the sheep that were sown at the sacrifice. There are a lot of people who are not good at saying 'heavy' and 'smell' in terms of sheep meat, but Sudan sheep is soft and has almost no smell. I ate all sheep meat in Sudan.

Sheep dice steak.

Rib and liver.

I also eat hormones.

If you live normally in Japan, you will not see such a scene. In busy daily life, the opportunity to look back on life does not come easily. That's why we introduced this time until one 'sheep' becomes 'meat'.

The principle of Islamic people is that they can only eat food according to the rule of Halal, saying that 'in the name of Allah. Allah is the greatest' before slaughtering. Even the Japanese people thanked you for their life as a food with the words 'I'll give you' and 'I'm up to it.'

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