What is the "Kuroneko DM flight" which will be started on April 1 instead of "Kuroneko Mail"?

It was announced that "Kuroneko DM flight" which limits the type of content to "non-trust" will be launched on April 1, 2015, the details and fee was found out.

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Firstly, the charge of "Kuroneko DM flight" which is worrisome is "to avoid using as a substitute for the mail", so decide for each user according to the shipping form, such as sorting by quantity and the destination area without setting the price Method called. The maximum amount is 164 yen which is the upper limit of the "Kuroneko Mail", and if you have already contracted the current Kuroneko Mail facilities, a certain transition period will be established after April 1 and during the current period It is supposed to be able to use "Kuroneko DM flight" as it is "Kuroneko Mail" charge.

The size and weight that can be handled are as shown in the following figure, up to 60 cm in total of three sides, up to 34 cm in the longest side, up to 2 cm in thickness. Weight is up to 1 kg, and those larger than "long side 23 cm, short side 11.5 cm" are the objects.

Things that can not be handled are as follows, and it is a letter such as invoice, invoice, estimate, contract, auction successful bid goods, passport, cash, check, credit card etc.

Estimated delivery days are two days later (within 3 days) from within 400 km from the shipping area, on the 4th day outside the 400 km area, which is basically equivalent to the Kuroneko Mail. It is not possible to specify the delivery date and day and the day of the week, out to the PO Box out, and if there was loss or damage, it will be a refund of freight or free shipping of substitute goods, no compensation when the delivery is delayed.

The "Kuroneko DM flight" becomes a mailing service that does not require a receipt stamp that can send nationwide catalogs and pamphlets for corporations, various organizations and individual business owners who have contracted with Kuroneko Yamato, etc. It is said that it can not be handled by general users without a contract, handling stores such as convenience stores,Previous announcementThe following new service will be released for individuals and it should be announced soon.

◆ 1: Safe and convenient new Takkyubin service that can send a small baggage with a special BOX at a reasonable fare
· From the 400 yen range by dedicated BOX substitution (cheap up to here if you use bring-in discount · digital discount etc)
· Dedicated BOX smaller than Takkyubin 60 size and two exclusive packages for exclusive thin BOX
· Face-to-face handout
· Takkyubin basic service such as object tracking · time zone delivery service · redelivery · delivery completion report and over-the-counter reception service etc are available
· Overnight overnight delivery

· Continued
Starting April 1st instead of "Kuroneko Mail" What is "Takkyubin Compact" & "Neko Poss"? - GIGAZINE

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