KDDI announces "Anyone Discount" that suddenly the basic usage fee will be half price

From September 1st (Sat) for KDDI mobile phone service "au", regardless of family use / solo use · corporate use and number of years of use, set the basic usage fee of "CDMA 1X WIN"Everybody Discount"We announced to introduce.

Even though I just subscribed, the monthly basic usage fee will be flattened at half price from the month that we started "Everybody Discount". Also, it is said that monthly free calls included in the basic royalties will not change even after discount. It is a ridiculous service.

Details are as follows.
KDDI Company Info: News Releases> Introduction of "Everybody Discount"

According to this release, "Everybody Discount" announced this time is subject to a two-year contract, the basic royalty of "CDMA 1X WIN" will be flattened regardless of the use period so far, "CDMA 1X" The maximum discount of the basic usage fee at the time of contract of "annual rate" + "family allocation (corporate discount)" is applied. Also, it is said that free calls included in the basic usage fee will not change even after discount.

And you can apply "Anyone Discount" application from au dealer, EZweb, PC, au customer center (157 from au telephone) etc. In addition, because "everyone elimination" is a continuation contract for two years, if you cancel or cancel "Anyone Discount" during the contract period, it seems that a contract cancellation fee of 9975 yen (including tax) will be applied. By the way, you can receive the same basic rate discount as "Yearly Discount" and "Family Discount"MY percentage"Users will be automatically applied" Nobody Discount "from September usage unnecessary.

"CDMA 1X WIN" price list when "Anyone Discount" is applied. It is a half price.

As a discount service where the basic royalty fee is flattened to a half price, au also offers "PeopleHowever, considering that the basic usage fee for half-price will be reduced to 50% instead of 50% for free, and that it was applicable only when using CDMA 1X terminal, this time "everyone's discount" It may be epoch - making.

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