KDDI to offer a new rate plan free of calls between au users "plan W simple"

KDDI announced a new price plan "Plan W Simple" and "Plan W", which makes free calls between au users free.

Starting offering of new plan "Plan W Simple" and "Plan W" for customers who frequently use international phones | 2011 | KDDI CORPORATION

According to the press release of KDDI, the company will start offering the new price plan "Plan W Simple" and "Plan W" from September 1, 2011.

"Plan W Simple" and "Plan W" are charge plans that include 2480 yen free calls applicable to international calls. In the case of "Plan W Simple" for simple courses, free calls are equal to the basic usage fee But at the time of applying "apply"), the actual burden of basic usage fee will be 0 yen depending on how you use international phones.

Details of "Plan W Simple" and "Plan W". In addition to including free calls that can also be used for international calls,Calls to au mobile phones from 1 o'clock to 21 o'clock and C mail charges are free of chargeIt has become.

About launching new rates "Plan W Simple" and "Plan W" that are beneficial to customers who frequently use international calls | 2011 | KDDI CORPORATION

Already on Android smartphone"Skype au" is also offered for feature phonesBecause KDDI is not only free to talk with au users but also to other smart phones and PCs, it is quite easy to talk to au cell phone users who do not support Skype au, Is not it a kind of plan?

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