KDDI expands the discount amount of "Gangan Student Discount", and the packet fee is further reduced at a lower price

In advance of the spring season which is the entrance season,Mobile phone companies are developing "school discount" serviceHowever, KDDI, which has a sense of discount less than NTT DoCoMo or SoftBank Mobile, has begun to discount packet charges.

Depending on the mobile phone company, "Student Discount" service is applied only to new contract users, both students and families, but because "Gangan Student Discount" covers not only new contracts but also existing users, already au mobile phones It is a campaign that also benefits users who use it.

Details are as below.
About Expansion of 'Gangan Student Discount' | 2011 | KDDI CORPORATION

According to the press release of KDDI, the company will make it easier for smartphone users to use the campaign 'Gangan Student Discount' campaign which discounts 390 yen a month from the basic monthly charge for up to 36 months for students and family members who have newly contracted In order to do so, we are going to lower the packet rate from March 1, 2011 (Tuesday).

In addition to the current discount of 390 yen per month, users who subscribe to "Plan E Simple / Plan E" and packet communication flat rate service "IS Flat" as a set are given 525 monthly fee of "IS flat" The discount is 4935 yen, which is a discounted yen, and the total discount amount will be expanded to 915 yen a month.

Rate image after revision. Incidentally, this figure does not include the usage fee (315 yen) of the Internet connection service "ISNET".

The user who applied for 'Gangan Student Discount' already said that the revised discount will be applied from March usage, and according to this revisionMonthly basic usage fee is 390 yen (Plan E simple), 315 yen (ISNET), 4935 yen (IS flat) combined with 5640 yen.

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