KDDI starts "Spring Select Discount" that can purchase conventional voice terminals cheaply, following "Monthly Discount"

As KDDI 's first Android smartphone "IS03" was launched last November 26,"Monthly Discount" that you can purchase smartphones cheaply by discounting a fixed amount each monthHas been introduced, "Spring Select Discount" which carries out the same discount to the conventional voice terminal (feature phone) was newly announced.

Although it is a feature phone that has a feeling that the main unit price continues to rise due to sophistication, it is also fact that there is convenience in use that is not found in smartphones, so it seems that introducing a discount plan is a pleasing experience for users .

Details are as below.
About the implementation of the campaign "Spring Select Discount" that you can purchase au mobile phones at ease | 2011 | KDDI CORPORATION

According to this release, from January 28, 2011 (Friday) to May 31 (Tuesday) of 2011, users who purchased the target mobile phone will be charged a fixed amount according to the model monthly usage fee It is said that we will implement the campaign "Spring Select" which reduces the burden of purchasing by discounting from.

"Spring select split" is the condition that the following six models designated by KDDI are purchased at "Simple Course" upon new contract or model change, and subject to the specified packet communication charge flat rate service or rate plan, A fixed amount according to the monthly usage fee is discounted for a maximum of 24 months.

Target model and discount list. High end models will be discounted up to 36,000 yen.

The fee plans subject to subscription are "Double flat rate super light", "Double flat rate light", "Double flat rate", "Packet discount WIN middle", "Packet discount WIN super", "IS flat" "Plan E simple" "Plan F ) Simple "has become.

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