Au announces the model contract price of iPhone 5s / 5c in a new contract · MNP · model change including substantially 0 yen

In the "au new product explanation meeting" to the target model of the mobile phone trade-in programI added iPhone 5Au officially announced the model price of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on official website.

Model Price | Discount | iPhone 5s | au

Model Price Price | Discount | iPhone 5c | au

This is the iPhone 5s model price list. For example, if you make an MNP · new contract for iPhone 5s 16GB, the installment payment for iPhone 5s model price will be payment of 24 months for 2835 yen, totaling 60,8040 yen, but when applying for "LTE flat" As the discount is applied for 2835 yen / month for a maximum of 24 months every month, the real burden amount is0 Yen.

On the other hand, the model fee for iPhone 5c is as follows, and if you subscribe to iPhone 5c 16GB MNP · new contract, the real burden amount will be 0 yen by applying for "LTE flat" like iPhone 5s. Also, the actual burden on iPhone 5c 32GB will be 4800 yen.

In addition, the actual burden of the above model price is only for iPhone 5s / 5c for 26 months contract.

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