Amazon launches the service "Prime Now" that the Pochito Item arrives in one hour

Amazon immediate delivery service to deliver items purchased on the net in one hour to home "Prime Now"It was started. The target area is the Manhattan area in New York, but in 2015 it plans to further expand the area.

Amazon Introduces Prime Now: One-Hour Delivery on Tens of Thousands of Daily Essentials Exclusively for Prime Members | Business Wire

Prime Now is a paid subscription service of AmazonAmazon PrimeServices available to members of. Delivery within 1 hour requires a charge of 7 dollars 99 cents (about 950 yen), but if it is after 2 hours it can be used for free and it is also possible to specify the delivery time.

The service is to be understood by looking at the following movie etc.

Amazon Prime Now - One Hour Delivery - YouTube

A woman who receives surprising Amazon delivery. That's why ....

Events 1 hour ago

Order items with Amazon's exclusive application "Prime Now".

Then, the voucher is immediately issued at Amazon ... ....

Staff in warehouse started product pickup.

It is familiar on Amazon, gathering products by hand.

After pasting the slip on the bag ......

Delivery by bicycle began. In Manhattan with many cars, it may be more convenient for a bicycle with a small turning.

It seems that it is also possible to track the current position of the item being delivered by the application.

A woman who receives goods as "well". It may be said that surprise is also natural as it arrives just the order you just ordered. Prime Now is a service for members of Amazon Prime, which can be used for free for 7 hours (about 950 yen) for 1 hour delivery and 2 hours for delivery.

The number of points handled is 25,000 points or more. It is also possible to have immediate delivery of large items like television.

Especially, it seems to be said that it can be said that it is a service that will be saved if it is a product like a diaper.

The content of the service was also introduced in the following movies.

Introducing Amazon Prime Now - YouTube

To order in Prime Now, use a special application.

Products are lineup from consumables to electric appliances, toys and large household appliances, and the total number is over 25,000 points.

For delivery within 1 hour, 7 dollars 99 cents (about 950 yen) are necessary, but after that it is available for free.

By the way, at Amazon, we have maintained a warehouse in nearly the central area of ​​Manhattan IslandPerform Prime Now testwas doing.

This immediate service "Prime Now" is supposed to expand the provision area to various places starting from Manhattan in New York. On Amazon in Japan, Amazon's prime members are offered "Hurry and Delivery Specified Flights" service, but will the service of "Prime Now" be provided in the same way? Amazon Prime Membership is a fast delivery service, free of charge delivery service

In addition, Amazon has started the "storefront reception" service that can receive products purchased at about 3,000 stores nationwide at Yamato Transport Sales Office.

Ultimately Amazon launched the same day receipt of storefront, how to use "Yamato Transport Sales Office" of about 3000 stores nationwide and summary of remarks Summary - GIGAZINE

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