, the item will arrive on the day you ordered "On the day you can start expressing you" even outside the Kanto region

We started the service "Delivery on the day" that the item arrives on the same day as the major mail order site "" ordered outside the Kanto area.

Although it seems to demonstrate a tremendous power when you are in a hurry, the area of ​​"Express Hurry" is expanding as the target area expands.

Details are as below. Free Shipping: Free Shipping

According to, it seems that the target area of ​​the delivery service "On the day of delivery" to deliver the ordered items on the day was expanded.

It is a service that it is possible to deliver to the day on a uniform tax of 500 yen if the order is confirmed by the designated time and the target area is the Kanto In addition to the rural areas, the Kansai region will also be included.

Also, as the service started, Shikoku and Kyushu said that "items can be used as quickly" products increased.

By the way it is possible to check areas where "Express Hurry" can not be used from the following. Help> Delivery> Express Hurry> Hurry (Nationwide Version) Undeliverable Area

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