starts "Delivery date specified flight", allowing delivery time to be selectable

Items arrive on the day you ordered "Hurry on the day"And shipping fee is free when purchasing over 1500 yen (As of August 4, 2010, regardless of purchase amount Free shipping during campaign) Although it is where high convenience has been well received, it is finally possible to select the delivery time "Delivery date designation flightIt has become clear that it started.

Good news for users like "We can only receive luggage at night or on weekends as we are out at work during week days," and "I want to send gifts purchased at on the convenient date and time of the other person" Is not it?

Details are as below. Help: Delivery date and time specified flight

According to the official page of, the company seems to be starting a delivery method "delivery date specified flight" to deliver the item at the newly specified date and time.

"Delivery date and time specified flight" is the item of "In stock" shipped by, the date and time that can be specified is the maximum and 9 days from the next day the next day. The date and time that can be specified at the shortest varies depending on the order time zone, product, delivery destination area (not subject to Okinawa and remote islands), and it is three days from the next day of the order date. Also, depending on the type and size of the product there are items that can not be used.

When specifying the date and time on the shipping method selection screen and order confirmation screen for the actual period, you can check with the following calendar. For one order, you can select one date and time.

By the way, it is a usage fee which is worrisome, if it is not a member of Amazon prime, it is 350 yen including tax, and Amazon prime membership is free.

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