Amazon launched "Prime Now" for shipment of bursts within one hour even in Japan

Service that will deliver goods in less than an hour "Prime NowAmazon has finally started in Japan.

Amazon Prime Now - Primary Now shopping to be delivered in 1 hour

As for the service of Prime Now, you can understand it with a single shot by looking at the following movie.

Amazon Prime Now - YouTube

Prime Now is a service exclusively for Amazon Prime members and uses a special application for use.

Food and beverages such as water, juice, alcohol, etc ... ...

Daily necessities such as detergent and shampoo ......

Baby items such as diapers ......

We also support home appliances such as televisions, printers, PC peripherals, game machines and so on.

How to use, download the exclusive application "Amazon Prime Now" ... ...

Sign in with an existing Amazon Prime member account ... ...

It is OK if you poke the desired item from the recommended genre.

Only for explosive delivery within 1 hour it is 890 yen, 2 hours flight is free.

Of course, delivery option, you can also specify time every 2 hours for free.

Delivery time is from 6 am to 1 midnight.

Delivery status can be confirmed from the application.

Prime Now can be used for purchasing items of more than 2500 yen from 6 am to 1 midnight.

Today from November 19, 2015, service starts in all areas of Setagaya Ward and Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, Shinagawa Ward, Ota Ward, Minato Ward, Suginami Ward, Shinjuku Ward.

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