Offers Availability of Memory Unlimited Photo Storage 'Prime Photo' for Members

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There are various benefits available for members at Amazon Prime, such as "Express Hurry" and "Delivery Date and Time Designated Flight" as many times as you need at no additional charge, but is new from today, Capacity unlimited photo storage "Prime PhotoWe announced that we will begin offering. Similar services in the USBeginning in November 2014is.

Prime Photo

This service is that Amazon Prime members can store photos as much as they want in Amazon Cloud Drive. In addition to the membership fee of Amazon prime, no additional charge is required.

During service it is available immediately after downloading the Cloud Drive application for Android · iOS · Windows · Mac. By specifying "Auto save" from "Settings" on the application screen, photos are automatically saved to Cloud Drive as soon as they are taken. You can easily create and manage albums, and you can also share photos with Mail, Facebook, Twitter and LINE.

screen of iPhone application

Menu screen

Photo gallery

Amazon prime is annual fee of 3900 yen including tax. It is a very nice benefit if you can use it all the time unlimited capacity, but similarly with OneDrive which provided unlimited capacity storage for regulated usersThe available capacity was limited to 1 TBBecause there is a story saying, there is also a bit of concern whether it will not be the same thing.

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