Amazon Cloud Drive new plan "Unlimited Everything" which can save files unlimited finally appears, Japanese version is also under preparation

Free photo storage service with unlimited capacity in 2014Prime PhotosAmazon, which introduced for prime members, now announced unlimited capacity charged storage service for general users.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon's unveiled capacity unlimited storage service announced plans for photos only "Unlimited Photos"And a plan targeting all files"Unlimited EverythingThere are two. Unlimited Photos that can store photos only in unlimited capacity can be used for $ 11.99 per year (about 1500 yen), and up to 5 GB can be saved for files other than photo.

Unlimited Everything is available for $ 59.99 per year (about 7200 yen). As much as 600 yen per month, you can save as many media files as you like, photos, movies, documents, music. Both Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything come with a free trial for three months, so you can switch to a paying plan after you experiment to see whether it is actually easy to use.

Prime Photos of unlimited free photo storage service announced in 2014 needed to register for paid member service Amazon prime, but this time Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything also target nonprime members Become.

Please login with account, not account,Amazon Cloud DriveWhen introducing the new service introduction was Japanese.

As FAQ is also in Japanese, it seems likely that Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything will be launched even in Japan.

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