Annual fee system only "Amazon prime" was a monthly plan also started

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Amazon is a membership program whose shipping fee, handling fee and hurry will be freeAmazon PrimeHowever, in the United States has a new monthly plan in addition to the previous annual plan. At the same time, an independent plan that can use only the "prime video" service of the member's video is starting, Amazon is standing to pursue the video distribution service such as Netflix.

Amazon Prime goes monthly in new challenge to Netflix - Apr. 17, 2016

The number of Amazon prime members has not been officially announced, but according to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, about 54 million people, or 47% of users, are subscribed to Amazon primeWatchedis.'s Prime Membership Service has been in operation for only a single annual plan of $ 99 per year (about 10,800 yen) per year.

Beginning April 17, 2016, in addition to the previous annual plan, a new monthly plan of $ 10.99 per month (about 1200 yen) has appeared. Contents of the monthly plan are almost the same as those of the annual members, and you can use early delivery service of products, free viewing of movies and movies, music streaming service, free e-books, photograph preservation service, day delivery service. However, services that become a 25% discount when you pay the item price in advance are available for annual members only.

In addition, the "Prime Video" plan of 8.99 dollars a month (about 980 yen) which cut out only the movie / movie contents provided to the Prime member also appears simultaneously. It is the first time that Amazon treats Prime Video as its own service independently. In response to Netflix's video distribution service Netflix raising its usage fee from the previous monthly charge of $ 7.99 (about 870 yen) to $ 9.99 (about 1090 yen) since May 2016, Amazon will sell Prime Video alone It is considered to be handled as a service of.

Amazon Prime

The monthly pricing plans for Amazon Prime will be $ 131.88 (about 14,400 yen) for one year, and Prime Video will be 107.88 (about 11,800 yen) in a year. If you use for a long time, it is a price setting that it is better to register as a conventional $ 99 annual plan.

In addition, in of Japan, the monthly priced Amazon prime has not started yet, only one type of plan with an annual fee of 3900 yen (tax included) is prepared. Help: About Amazon Prime

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