Google is considering popular campaign smash-game "Ingress" TV drama

Popular smartphone game developed by Google's internal venture "IngressIt is reported that Google is considering entering television program on "about it."

Google Takes Its Web Game to TV - The Information

Ingress is the location information of smartphone usersARIt is killer content hitting all over the world with the campaign game application using, and development is done by Google's internal venture Niantic labs (Niantic Lab). Whether Google intends to grow such Ingress even further, if we are planning to make a TV showThe InformationReported.

According to The Information According to Ingress's entry into the television show, Google is currently planning to select Sean Daniel Company, the producer company, as a partner. Since Ingress is the content that the story progresses in real time on a world scale, FOX's popular drama "twenty fourReal-time progressive drama such as "may be adopted.

Also a mysterious game developed by Niantic labs "EndgameAs for movies and books, it has already been announced that it will be multimedia, and movie producerJames FryA partnership with Mr. has already been decided. Similarly to Endgame, Ingress is likely to be commercialized in various forms such as television and movies.

Ingress has become Japanese as version 1.73. It seems that we can expect multimedia expansion in Japan.

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