How Kuroneko Mail will be abolished on March 31, 2015, what is the cause?

From Kuroneko Yamato,

We will abolish the Kuroneko Mail service with the reception on March 31 of this year in order to avoid "the risk of sending a letter of credit without your knowledge." As a substitute service, for corporate customers who can confirm beforehand that they are "non-correspondence" such as catalogs and pamphlets, after reconsidering the fare structure, the name "Kuroneko DM flight" from April 1 this year Change and continue the service. Moreover, in order to respond to the need to exchange "small luggage", we will expand Takkyubin service from 1st April.

So, sudden presentation was done, but there are various circumstances by the way to this place, and that is clearly explained on the official website.

About the abolition of the Kuroneko Mail facilities | Yamato Transport

The direct reason for abolishing the mail service is "Not only the carrier but also the sender is punished if you send" the letter "by mail," in short it is "When sending a letter by e-mail service, not only Kuroneko Yamato, but also the user receives the interrogation of the police"For.

There are 79 cases (2006 to 2010 fiscal year) in which the police actually heard the circumstances and 3 case cases in which the documents are sent out, and it is as follows.

In other words, it is "OK if it is not a letter!", But what is a bond and what is not a letter? It is very difficult to understand. Moreover, even if I inquired to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that I am in charge, I was in a state where I could not immediately answer whether it was a letter of credit.

Therefore, Kuronekoyamato strictly signed and accepted the method of receipt, and furthermore, "Information Communication Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Policy Committee of Postal Service Policy" not the contents, anyone can judge by appearance " Reform "and suggested by the government's technical committee and others to revise the regulations so that users will not be penalized incorrectly even if they send it unknowingly, but because the reform will not proceed slowly, It is dependent on this "abolition".

Then it is not so to say that it completely disappears, after April 1 it is planned to be able to use the following two new services individually, the price and service contents are as follows I will.

◆ 1: Safe and convenient new Takkyubin service that can send a small baggage with a special BOX at a reasonable fare
· From the 400 yen range by dedicated BOX substitution (cheap up to here if you use bring-in discount · digital discount etc)
· Dedicated BOX smaller than Takkyubin 60 size and two exclusive packages for exclusive thin BOX
· Face-to-face handout
· Takkyubin basic service such as object tracking · time zone delivery service · redelivery · delivery completion report and over-the-counter reception service etc are available
· Overnight overnight delivery

◆ 2: A new service of Takkyubin quality that delivers thin, small packages to the post
· It is cheaper than the above new service
· Deliver small package within 2.5 cm in thickness to the post at home (it will not be re-delivered)
· Delivery complete mail arrives to the payee at post delivery
· However, only when using Furima site with a contract with Kuronekoyamato

In addition, it is still unknown what kind of feeling details will actually become.

· Continued
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