Finally the "small B-CAS card (mini card)" appears as the terrestrial digital broadcasting receiving equipment gets miniaturized at a stroke

Issue "B-CAS card" necessary for canceling encryption of terrestrial digital broadcasting, BS digital broadcasting, 110 degree CS digital broadcastingB-CAS is planning to introduce a compact "mini-card"It was revealed in April, but it has finally decided to be officially introduced from this month.

An IC card in which a unique ID number for specifying a telephone number is recorded, which is used for a mobile phone etc.SIM cardSince it is the same size as ", it seems that miniaturization of the terrestrial digital broadcasting receiving equipment will be rapidly advanced.

Details are as below.
Announcement of operation of small B-CAS card (Mini card)

According to the announcement by B-CAS, operation of "Small B-CAS card (mini card)" will start from this month. Mini card is the same size as the SIM card used in mobile phones, it is said to be terrestrial digital broadcasting only.

Instead of the current card, it is scheduled to be shipped in place of the current Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting B-CAS card (blue card) to some Terrestrial Digital Receiver (small equipment etc), how to use Is just opening the lap and taking out the shrink-wrapped mini-card in the backing and attaching it to the receiver.

By the way, the size of the conventional B-CAS card is 85.6 mm (depth) × 54.0 mm (width) same as the credit card, whereas that of the mini card is 25 mm (depth) × 15 mm (width) When I think about it, I can understand the mini card's small size.

Considering that the size of the conventional B-CAS card was a major factor hindering miniaturization of the tuner main body in the case of an external tuner for personal computers, it may be meaningful that miniaturization at once was made I do not.

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