With this, the world's smallest full-seg high vision receiver "Freio Express" appears to be able to see digital high-vision broadcast anywhere

Digital terrestrial tuner that became a topic by being able to record terrestrial digital broadcast programs and copy without limitationFrio". It seems that it has become better than temporary now, but since it was released at the beginning of the release, there was also a limited number and competition fighting was fought with every announcement of resale.

And in April, it became clear that new products will come out from Freeo. Now it's called "FRIIO EXPRESS" from an external tunerExpressCardIt seems that it became a type and it became possible to see digital high-vision broadcast anywhere.

Details are as below.
Friio - Digital Hi-Vision TV Adapter "Freeio"

According to the official website of Freeo, Freeo Express corresponds to full seg of ISDB-T (terrestrial digital broadcasting). As with Freero in the past, complete digital recording without DRM is possible, of course it is possible to watch and record terrestrial digital broadcast even on a notebook PC. The standard is ExpressCard / 34 (width 34 mm, length 75 mm, thickness 5 mm), it seems to be the world's smallest as a full-seg high vision receiver. Also, because you can use B-CAS on the network, there is no need for another smart card reader. It seems that it is compatible with Japan made or Brazil made digital TV.

It seems to be released in April, so it may become an indispensable item for people who wants to watch and record terrestrial digital broadcasting even if you are out somewhere.

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