The founder of WikiLeaks reveals "Why did you make WikiLeaks"?

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A site that discloses confidential information on government, business and religion anonymously is "WikiLeaks"US military confidential documents of the war in IraqYaAmerican diplomatic electricityWhen it leaked to WikiLeaks, the top secret information which has not been circulated at all has been released as unedited and attracted a great deal of attention all over the world. It is the founder of WikiLeaks which makes public the confidential information one after another with the most emphasis on anonymityJulian AssangiMr,bookI talked about why I created WikiLeaks in.

Julian Assange: Why I Founded WikiLeaks

Mr. Assangi created WikiLeaks in order to deliver the correct information to the user. Asanji said that it is necessary to eliminate government and business interventions in the information distribution process in order to deliver correct information to users.

Mr. Assangi says that the process of information distribution can be roughly divided into three categories: "person who gets information", "person who conveys information" and "person who receives information". For example, Google belongs to "a person who conveys information" that carries information from those who got it to those who want it. The problem with this process of information distribution is that governments and businesses will "disappoint" those who "get information" and "who receive information".

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The way government and enterprises make "people getting information" and "people who receive information" useless are "censorship". Mr. Assangi explains censorship as a pyramid. The top triangle of the censored pyramid is "to kill journalists and reporters who got information", and the level underneath it is "pressure from legal attack". Below it is "Self-censorship"there is. Self-censoring means that journalists and reporters are afraid of pressure from governments and businesses, and will delete themselves which they are likely to condemn before exposing the information.

The pyramids grow larger as they go down the hierarchy, that is, journalists and reporters are rarely killed, but when it comes to legal pressure or even self-censorship, that number will be substantial.

In order to deliver the correct information to the user, Mr. Assangi decided to oppose the "pressure of legal attack" and "to kill journalists and reporters who got information" and found WikiLeaks at the top two pyramids . Mr. Assangi chose WikiLeaks as a countermeasure against the government and business "AnonymousThat's why.

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Mr. Assangi said, "Although it can be said that the two censorship issues at the top of the pyramid are difficult to solve, it's easy, because the two issues are above the pyramid so there are a few reasons why this is easy." "I explained in an autobiography that" Anonymity can be the greatest defense against two types of censorship ".

Also, Mr. Assanji said, "There are" legitimate behavior "and" fraudulent behavior "in the world I see, but in reality the number of invalid actions exceeds the number of legitimate actions. I would like to increase the number of actions and reduce the number of invalid behavior, "he says that this is not a philosophy of myself but a kind of temperament. It is unknown what "unfair behavior" specifically indicates in this case, but if you understand why Assanji founded WikiLeaks, it is quite understandable to understand.

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