From multicopter to military aircraft of secret mission, see "An History of Drone" in animation

Just a little practiceEasy aerial shooting by anyoneIt is possible to become possible, to the companion who is in the fenceI tried delivering cigarettes with multi-copter, Or quietly approach the target and complete the attack before being noticedKiller DronesSuch as "drone" calledUnmanned aerial vehicleIt has various uses and benefits. The movie explains what kind of birth and how it was used with such a droning movie.

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What is the thing called "drone" in the first place?

Some say "a machine to monitor from the sky" ...

Some people say "tools for delivering goods".

Furthermore, there should be some people saying "an airplane attacking the target unnoticed from the sky".

In fact, more than 100 unmanned drones have been deployed in the US military, and they are in duty in the war region of the world.

As a result, it is a matter of course that some people have an image of "Drone = acting in secret".

AmericaCentral Information Office(CIA) has reported that more than 400 drone was launched in Pakistan between 2004 and 2014 and killed more than 2000 people. Besides, this is only the number which is clarified.

The origins of drone dates back more than 100 years.

Drones or UAV (Unmanned Aero Vehicles) refers to aircraft that generally operate with computers and sensors.

It is possible to maneuver from a place far away from the fuselage, basically like a radio controlled airplane. However, even though its size is global, it is not compared with just "radio control".

It is a little hard to identify its origin. In 1915, the first fighter in history was put into war, but weapons using balloons and kites have been used before that.

At the end of the First World War, the US Army "Kettering / BugDeveloped a mid-air torpedo called.

Actual picture of kettering · bug is like this. It is an unmanned small biplane, and the aircraft is made of wood. It was developed to attack the enemy territory without explosion and explode, but the World War I ended before being deployed to the actual war.


In 1915,British Army Air CorpsTook a picture of the German camp with the reconnaissance plane.

I was grasping the situation of the railroad from more than 1,500 photographs taken and was utilized for the execution of the strategy.

After that the reconnaissance system using aircraft continued to evolve, and in 1939 it was the world's first mass-produced unmanned aerial vehicle "Radioplane OQ-2"Was developed.


In the aircraft factory, a woman named Norma · Jean · Baker was in charge of assembling OQ - 2. A woman found by David Connova first soldier who was visiting the interview was later named actressMarilyn MonroeI will leave my name in history as.

Investigation and reconnaissance activities by the drone has continued to play an important role in strategy after that. It broke out in 1973Fourth Middle East WarThe Israeli army in the unmanned aerial "IMI MastiffSuccessfully introduced in earnest to greatly reduce human injuries. further"IAI scoutWe will introduce a big result.

In 1986RQ-2 PioneerHas been developed and is deployed in actual warfare in Israeli army, US army, etc.

At the same time, Israeli immigrant Abraham Karem living in the United States developed "Gnat - 750" at home garage in Los Angeles. Mr. Karem is also a person who was in charge of designing aircraft in the Israeli army.

In those days, the US military drones could only fly for a few hours, while Mr. Karem's Gnat-750 achieved a continuous flight time of 50 hours or more, attracting high attention from the military relationship.

ByUAV Global

During the Bosnia-Herzegovina war that began in 1992, the CIA purchased two Gnat-750 for $ 5 million (about 600 million yen at that rate) and utilized it for reconnaissance activities.

Furthermore, on January 7, 1994, the Department of DefenseNational Defense Advanced Research Projects Bureau(DARPA) will sign a new aircraft development contract with General Atomics based on Gnat - 750.

In this contract, it is bigger than Gnat - 750, stable flight is possible, development of a more quiet aircraft is advanced, and after 6 months "RQ-1 PredatorThe first generation of "will appear.


Operation started for RQ-1 Predator in 1995. In 2000, it was introduced to Afghanistan, and then he was searching for Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 911 simultaneous terrorist attacks.

At that time, the equipment installed in the RQ-1 Predator was only for reconnaissance cameras.

However, in December 2000, with the approval of the Pentagon, anti-tank missile "Hellfire"We will be equipped with thermal power to equip it.

And after September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks, the US government launched a murder program targeting terrorist suspects. Among the targets chosen, it was a strategy that also includes even Americans, but there are 400 Pakistani people, 66 people to 184 Yemenians, and 20 people Somali people are being killed by drone.

Why the strategy by the drones increased, it is said that the style of battle has changed significantly from the conventional style. In conventional combat, the target could be easily distinguished from appearance etc.

However, after 911 terrorism, the number of terrorists who are indistinguishable from the general public has increased and their activities have changed so that they can be hidden in their daily lives, so the execution of the strategy is no longer easy.

So it was the drone that showed its effect. He said that he was able to operate remotely from a remote place and was used to identify suspects by taking advantage of the investigation activity over a long period of time.

At the same time, however, the problem is that the number of cases in which any innocent general murderer is killed.

There are 957 people in the general population who were killed after 2004, and there are 200 kids' lives.

In 2011, CIA drone has American nationality in Maribe province in central YemenAnwar AurakiMr. Murder. A major debate came about in domestic because the American institution killed a person with American nationality. Mr. AURAKI is a person who was also an al Qaeda executive.

◆ The world of drone that generalizes and advances peaceful use
In recent years, however, drone generalization has progressed. In 2014, Amazon has announced plans to use drone for delivery of goods, and there are movements such as real estate agents introducing to the property promotion activities.

Also, it is a big change that many products are released for hobby use for general users.

It was introduced in animal poaching monitoring activities in Africa ......

Medical activity in areas where development does not progressSometimes it is used.

Also, using Facebook and dronesInternet connection service started from the airWe are announcing to do.

I long served as editor in chief 'Wired' magazineChris AndersonTaking this situation, Mr. said that he entered the era of the drone.

On the other hand, however, 35 states across the country have restrictions on the use of drone, and about 10 states already enact laws.

In the domestic survey, more than 50% of the population supports the attack by drone ......

In countries other than the United States, the result that opposition is outweighed is also outcome.

It is a natural result that the opinion changes when the position changes, and furthermore there are various kinds from the military to the private use also in "drone" Is an argument which should not forget. Although it is a field of drone that continues to evolve one after another, it seems that there will be interest in how public opinion will change in the future.

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