What is the SNS with the highest growth rate? Summary of major SNSs in 2014 looking back at data

A messenger application typified by Snapchat and Line spreading out overwhelmingly, dominant position started to disappear in Facebook or the posts are erased in a certain time all over the world, or YouTube which is actually the strongest SNS The world of SNS has changed dramatically in 2014, saying that its presence is shown. About major SNSGlobalWebIndex(GWI) announced "GWI Social Summary Q 3 2014" which investigated the usage trend of SNS for over 170,000 users in 32 markets around the world. From the data surveyed and analyzed, it seems that not only the remarkable movement in 2014 but also the big flow of what will happen to SNS in the future will appear.

GWI Social: Q3 2014 | Flagship Reports Series

·growth rate
This is a graph showing the growth rate of each SNS in the past 6 months, black is the growth rate of members, purple isActive userThe growth rate is shown. Looking at the change in the number of active users during the period from Q1 to Q3 (January to September) in 2014,Tumblr. After thatPinterest,Instagram,LinkedInI will continue with. Although Twitter, Facebook, etc. tend to be slowing in terms of growth rate, it is said that it continues to grow gently.

·Age group
This is a graph showing the ratio of users by age in each SNS service. You can see that Tumblr and Instagram are backed by young people. On the other hand, Facebook also shows that older age groups between 55 and 64 are thicker than other services.

· Facebook
This is a graph showing why you no longer use Facebook. Black indicates overall, and blue indicates teenagers (13 to 19 years old). From top to bottom "I'm not interested in Facebook as much as before", "I spent less time on SNS", "I got tired of Facebook" "I do not think Facebook is safe" "Tired of updating Facebook specifications" "Facebook is not as cool as it used to be", but the most noteworthy thing is that it is a teenager who no longer spends time on Facebook, but SNS usage time has not decreased relatively, so you can read the trend away from Facebook is.

If you look down to the United States and the UK, 50% of the total and 64% of the teenagers say that they no longer use Facebook. In addition, among men who discontinue using Facebook, 55% are more than women.

More detailed data on Facebook's detachment reasons in the United States and the UK is this. It is interesting that 29% of teenagers answered "Friends are gone" and conversely 15% of teenagers are away from Facebook because "parents use it."

·frequency of use
This shows the usage frequency of various SNSs. People who use Facebook at least once a day occupy more than half of Facebook users, which is more overwhelming than other SNSs though Facebook's escape is whispering.

· Account acquisition rate and active user ratio
Graph showing account acquisition rate (black) and active user ratio (blue). Among the 10 typical services, account acquisition rate top is Facebook. After that, Google +, YouTube, Twitter follow. Facebook, which has the highest account acquisition rate, has a very high active user rate, which shows that over half of users are using services on a daily basis. This contrasts with Google+, which has a high account acquisition rate, but low active user rate. Together with the usage frequency graph above, it seems that users who continue to use Facebook can say "a lot of enthusiastic fans."

However, if you examine the number of visitors in a month, YouTube, which is below Facebook in account acquisition rate and active user rate, reverses. In other words, YouTube seems to be a content that can earn more visitors than Facebook, with only a few users acquiring accounts.

· Messenger application
It is rapidly growing with the momentum threatening conventional SNS serviceSnapchatMessenger application such as Line and Line. Graphing the growth rate of the service in the form of including the messenger application looks like this. The messenger application accounts for up to 4th place, and you can read the transition from SNS to messenger application.

· Hardware used
Terminals that use SNS are still on the top despite PCs are on the decline. Smartphones and tablet devices continue to grow, so there is likely to be a reversal phenomenon sooner or later.

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