An incident occurred to deliver cigarettes across a prison fence with multi-copter, four were arrested

A type of radio control helicopter that can carry out complicated flight by having multiple propellersMulticopterMaking the most of freedom of maneuverabilityShooting from the sky over Nagasaki prefecture's warship islandOrGrab luggage like hunting birds of preyAlthough it is used for applications such as doing, there was a case to use for criminal purposes, and a case occurred in the United States where the mastermind was arrested.

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The content of the incident is explained in the following movie.

The incident occurred in the southeastern part of GeorgiaCalhoun CountyState Prison in.

A staff member discovered that one multicopter jumped over the prison wall and invaded, and the investigation began.

The following is an actual investigation by Josh HiltonSheriff.

One hour had passed since the investigation began, another secondary sheriff found a suspicious black passenger car. This is the vehicle actually used.

I searched the inside of the car with the consent of the passenger and found a multi-copter with 500 grams to 1 kilogram of cigarette wrapped around it. It seems that he was planning to deliver cigarettes to prisoners in prison with this multicopter.

There were four men and women arrested. I hid myself in the adjacent forest and were manipulating multi-copiers while looking at high-performance binoculars.

Two other people who tried to illegally hand drugs and alcohol to inmates were also arrested in the same prison.

Under the law of the state, it is considered a felon to break through the security with prohibited supplies, it seems that there is a possibility that it will be punished by imprisonment for up to 20 years.

Thanks to advances in technology, useful tools that could not be thought of before a while have become popular, but misuse is not permitted.

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