A case of "delivering" drugs and pornography to prisons in the drone continues to occur


While Amazon and other companies are steadily preparing to start drone delivery, the US federal prison has been illegally "delivered" drags, pornography, handguns etc. by drone over the past five years It turned out.

Inmates fly mobile phones, drugs and porn into jail - via drone

Drones keep dropping drugs and porn into prisons - The Verge

News media · According to the document USA TODAY obtained from the American Justice Department based on the Information Freedom Act, for the past five years, forbidden items such as mobile phones, drugs, pornography, firearms, etc. are used by drones It turned out to be illegally brought in. Illegal delivery using drone has been confirmed 12 times or more, and similar cases have been reported not only in federal prison but also in state prison.

Federal law prohibits forbidden items to be brought into prison in any way, but there seems to be no legislation regulating the flight of the drone near the prison. Drone experts say that "With current drone countermeasures technology it is impossible to prevent drone from creeping into prison with dangerous goods". Professor Troy Rules of Arizona State University Law School, Law School of Law, Drone said, "Drones' civilian aircraft is becoming cheaper, easy to operate, has sufficient power, uses drone The increase in crime means that more people are aware of the potential exploitation of Drone. "


According to police, two former prisoners were convicted for drinking drugs and pornography in the US prison in 2016, but the police said the item was placed in prison at night It was said that there was a "night mission" that could earn $ 6000 (about 670,000 yen) as a reward for paying the fee. Not only in the United States,AustraliaAnd similar cases in the UK have occurred, British crack down on smugglers for prisonAntidlone troops foundedIt is being done.

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