Three teenagers charged with "sexting", imprisonment for 20 years & enters "sex criminal" list?


Sending sexual text messages or pictures between mobile phonesSextingAct is spread among American teenagers and is regarded as a problem as being a hotbed of child pornography. Laws regulating sexting in each province have been enacted, and many laws are the same felony as the possession / distribution of child pornography, but three juveniles living in Virginia province were prosecuted by this law , The trial began this Thursday. Depending on the outcome of the trial it may be listed in the list of up to 20 years imprisonment and "sex offenders".

Teen 'sexting' case goes to trial in Fairfax County - The Washington Post

In this case, three 15-year-old and 16-year-old boys living in the state of Virginia made a party by inviting the girls, drunk on agreement, and secretly recorded the state of having made sexual acts. As a result of the shooting video being spread by mail etc., the Virginia police identified the girls who were participating in the party and in January 2013 they came to the arrest of three boys. This was the first time that a teenager in Virginia was caught by sexting charges, the attitude of the trial that began on the 18th has been drawing attention.

According to a survey by the University of Utah, 20% of teenagers have sent sexual emails, and if they are experienced people receive that number jumps to 50%. However, there are very few teenagers who actually know that sexting is contrary to law and there are only 2% of students who answered "to go to jail" to the question "What do you think would happen if caught in sexting?" was. In light of this situation, in Florida province the sending and receiving of nude pictures and images was a serious crime, it was supposed to be registered in the sex criminal list, but this is because many teenagers are registered in the list ,Treatment was taken to ease punishment.

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In Virginia state sexting is supposed to be imposed on 20 years' imprisonment and sex offender list for the crime of 'child pornography possession / distribution', but protection of several rights groups and young people He insists that a new law should be established that distinguishes laws concerning child pornography from sexting. It is certainly unforgivable for victims who have been scattered through photographs and images to get injured, but in the case of teenagers, it is not punishable that measures should be taken that place emphasis on revision It is an idea.

According to lawyer Ray Morrogh, the point that consideration of the law on sexting should be considered is here just to compare the fact that felony should not be imposed on young people who committed sexual crime and the shock received by the victims It is necessary to do. Although it is true that there are juveniles who have been questioned by sexting because they sent classless men topless pictures and have fallen into a strong depression, the two girls living in Florida and Ohio are sexually Pictures were scattered and driven to suicide.

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Many of the sexting initially tried under the child pornography law has been settled outside the courtroom, including the Florida case, and heavy fines are changing to probation and community service activities. "We are trying to solve these incidents in ways other than trials, in the case of youth, the goal is to bring them back to society," Morrogh said. Also, John McCarthy, a lawyer in the state of Maryland, thinks that the current law is "inappropriate for tackling sexting" and has not been charged at least once.

In Virginia State Criminal Committee there was a movement to amend the law in 2009, but eventually the enactment was not reached. It is because it is a big hindrance to establish loopholes for pedophiles by enacting such laws. Also, in enacting individual laws, sexting is a form of girlfriend's agreement on a boyfriend who does not have a girlfriend spreading pictures, etc. from the form of agreement, from the secretly photographed photographs spreading maliciously Difficult to define because it is diverse, it is also an obstacle.

Furthermore, since 2009, at least 20 states have passed the law on sexting, and some laws take into account the age and intentions of the sender.

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