Arrested a 15-year-old girl who sent her own nude image to her classmate on mobile phone at child pornography

A 15 - year - old girl was arrested because his naked picture taken with a mobile phone sent to a high school classmate became "felony concerning child pornography".

In addition, laws that should preserve minors conversely are arresting minors and dealing with sex offenders, which is a problem, and it is said that cases similar to this are occurring frequently .

Details are as below. - Girl, 15, Faces Child Porn Charges for Nude Cell Phone Pictures of Herself - Local News | News Articles | National News |

The Columbus Dispatch: Student in nude-photo case may avoid charge

According to FOXNews on 9th October 2008, the 15-year-old girl arrested and arrested a Newark Licking Valley student in Ohio State Police carried a nude picture for criminal purposes, I deny that it was illegally used.

According to a spokesman of the Attorney General of Ohio State, if convicted, it will be registered as a "sex criminal" in the case of adults, but flexible measures will be taken in the case of minors There seems to be a possibility.

And according to a follow - up report on Saturday, 22 November, the girl got the chance to invalidate criminal charges. The girl acknowledged that he possessed one photograph for illegal purposes during the legal hearing and instead of deciding not to accept the lawsuit by a judge of a juvenile court, decided to postpone for six months, her rebirth plan I ordered to do it and decided to reject the charges if she carries out all those plans.

In addition, the plaintiff seems to have requested her through counseling so as to prohibit her from using the net and using the mobile phone without supervision.

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