Arrested a mother who took sexual acts to her daughter's friends and neighbors

There seems to be a woman who was arrested for sending a hair nose picture to her daughter's friend or neighborhood boy and being arrested for sexual activity. It seems that there are victims besides the boys who are found this time, but it seems that it is thought that other victims are difficult to detect.

The woman of the suspect is returning to the usual life as soon as possible, and the neighboring mothers with children are thought to be uneasy.

Details are from the following.
Deseret News | Syracuse woman is accused of having sex with 3 teen boys

A woman (40 years old) living in a city called Syracuse in the state of New York, USA was arrested for conducting sex acts on a boy (18 years old) of a daughter's friend or a boy (15 to 17 years old) living in the neighborhood That's right. The police seemed to have been investigating about rumors that women are sending hairnudes pictures to boys, but when they interrogated a suspected mother, they not only sent a hair nose picture, but also with boys and sex He stated that he had a relationship and said the case was discovered.

According to the statement, the suspect seemed to have sent a sexual relationship of a hair nude picture to three boys for half a year to a year, and that her daughter's friend was included in that. The police are likely to have additional charges but seem to think that it is difficult to find out.

The suspect has entered the jail, but he seems to be paying bail for immediate release and living life as usual.

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