Unusual wrapping tailoring dessert warmed and eaten "Maple Crepe" Tasting Review

Family Mart 's sweet brand "Sweets +" was joined as a chilled dessert "Maple crepe wrapped in". Until now, there were many cold desserts such as puddings, tiramisu, and eclair, but this is wrapping and being warmed in the range and eating.

I bought it and tried to eat what kind of crepe it was.

Details are as below.
Package tailored Maple Crepe | Chilled Dessert | Sweets + | Product Information | FamilyMart

One 240 yen.

It is taped securely. Actually, I chin it and cut off the upper side of the bag, but I tried to see how exactly it was.

Cream and jelly-like things are on the crepe fabric.

It seems like she seals herself and tries again with a range. Jelly-like ones are completely melted, mixed with cream and sprinkled over crepes.

Sponge cake like sponge cake is contained in crepe dough and a little bit of mouthfeel is given, so tea or coffee is essential. The rich sweetness of the maple flavor and the custard cream was intense enough to feel badly. The finished product is quite different from the image image for some reason, was it suitable for this ...?

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