An incident occurred in which Drone pursued and arrested a burglar who escaped

Drone who can shoot with high resolution camera from the air,You can shoot places where humans are difficult to access such as erupting volcanoesnot only,Carry the dishes to the audience seats,Used for delivery of goodsAlthough the range of use continues to expand, it became clear that the incident occurred that it helped to find thugs in flight.

Man tracked down by drone charged with robbery, auto theft: Wsj

On May 31, 2015, Marquis Phiffer stealed the car in front of the coffee shop in Wisconsin state in the United States, hinted that he had a gun, and ran away at a gas station to escape. Phiffer suspected of having a car chase with the police deprived him of the stolen car when it hit a car that was stopped. I hid it in the bush following the large pond nearby.

Police, who was tracking Phiffer, said that they started searching by borrowing quad co - cotter with a rubber boat from a fire department in the neighborhood. By drone searching from the air, he found Phiffer suspect shoes and a large number of bills floating on the water. He seems to have succeeded in securing Phiffer immediately.

Tracking a car escaping with a helicopter is a familiar scene, but in the future the investigation method that the drones are released to track hidden fugitives may become more common.

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